Reinders Industrial developed a central air dryer for conditioning a drying process of vegetable seeds. The dryer is connected to a drying wall where crates of seed are dried. The air handling unit has a built-in cooling system whereby all residual heat from the cooling process is utilized in the drying process in the form of compressed gas, condensation and liquid heat.

Sucked in outside air is first filtered in a F7 glass fiber cloth bag filter, then this air is cooled so that most of the moisture can condense on the cold fins of a built-in evaporator block, then the cold air passes an adsorption wheel where the last remaining moisture is released.

All electric motors are frequency controlled so that capacity is adjusted exactly to demand and no more energy is ever used than necessary. The installation is controlled with a Siemens S7 PLC, is fully remote controlled and monitored from our control room.