Airside balancing

For a climate system to function properly, it is important that all air flow rates are in accordance with the design values of the system. However, it often turns out that upon completion and commissioning of buildings, installations are inadequately or not balanced.

Therefore, the purpose of airside balancing is to match the flow rate to the design values in order to ensure balance in the ventilation systems.


  • Cost savings
  • Pleasant indoor climate
  • No noise pollution

Poorly balanced installations can cause noise complaints, by correctly adjusting an installation these noise complaints can be solved.

AMIT Meet- en Inregeltechniek can quickly and reliably balance your ventilation systems. For this we use a systematic approach and all our control work is of course done according to ISSO publication 31 and 52, which contains the rules for the correct design and control of installations.

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    The AMIT expertise

    Noise measurement after airside balancing

    After the installation has been commissioned and properly balanced, it is possible that a noise measurement should take place. AMIT Meet- en inregeltechniek is able to meet this requirement and to carry out these noise measurements. We have the necessary equipment and knowledge to reliably perform these measurements for you.

    Often the noise level (dBA) is measured at a number of reference points. If the maximum values are exceeded, it is possible to find out what causes this excess. This can be found out by measuring the sound level per octave band.

      Adjusting air handling unit

      When an air handling unit delivers too much or too little flow, we can adjust the up or down speed by replacing the pulleys. If desired, this can be done immediately after all air diffusers have been adjusted. By up- or downrating the air handling unit, the installation is brought back to its optimum situation. We have a wide range of pulleys at our disposal, so that we can quickly deliver the correct pulley.

      Fume cupboard measurement

      In order to work reliably and safely with fume cupboards, there is a legal obligation to carry out annual measurements.

      Using calibrated measuring equipment, AMIT Meet- en inregeltechniek is able to determine the proper functioning of the fume cupboard.

      This proper functioning is determined, among other things, by:

      – a good, linear sash entrance speed of the sucked in air
      – Proper flow through the entire hood
      – good extraction at worktop level

      Smoke test after airside balancing

      After the ventilation system has been balanced , smoke tests can be carried out to check the discharge pattern of ventilation grilles in order to adjust them to the correct setting.

      Smoke tests also offer solutions in other various situations. By visualizing air flows, the causes of draught problems, for example, can be identified or possible leaks detected.

      Another application is that smoke tests can be used to determine whether there is overpressure or underpressure in a room. 

      Measurement results of airside balancing

      After the air-side balancing of your installation, all measurements and balancing activities are documented in a comprehensive and clear measurement report and sent to you.

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