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The indoor climate is constantly changing due to the use of heating, ventilation and exhaust air. However, with the ever-growing demand for increased production and consistent product quality, optimising the indoor climate is very important.

One of the aspects that helps ensure an optimal indoor climate is the moisture content in the room in question. Organic materials such as paper, wood and textiles need constant humidity, each for their own specific reasons. Wood starts to work when humidity is too low and makes it difficult to spray with water-based paint (crackle). Paper suffers from adhesion which complicates production.

To avoid all these problems, humidification has become a necessity and to meet this requirement, Prima Air (part of Reinders Almelo Company) has developed an energy-efficient humidification device called “High Pressure Humidification System”.

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We Provide Industrial Humidification Solutions

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Houweling’s Tomatoes

PrimaAir has supplied Houweling’s with an award-winning humidification system.

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houwelings tomatoes
Testimonial: Houweling’s Tomatoes – PrimaAir 3 Greenhouses
Testimonial: Houweling’s Tomatoes – PrimaAir 10763900 ft²
Testimonial: Houweling’s Tomatoes – PrimaAir 1 billion tomatoes

We Provide Industrial Drying Solutions for Different Industries

Prima Air is a world leader in developing and manufacturing energy-efficient humidification and cooling systems. Our products are designed for all types of industries to provide the ideal climate.

Prima Air offers a wide range of products for both large and small air volumes. These products are easy to integrate into AHU systems or as standalone installations.


Prima Air has been in the industrial humidification business since 1975. Whereas it started with air conditioning and humidification, in 2015 the company chose to focus entirely on industrial humidification. Prima Air has developed a patented humidification system where multiple rooms can be provided with the right air quality with a single pump unit.

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Our Industries

At Prima Air, we’re not just about delivering solutions; we’re about pioneering the future of industrial air humidification. Our patented multi-room humidification system is versatile and efficient, designed to meet a variety of industrial needs.


Woodworking means dealing with moisture and dust. Reinders Extraction Systems offers dust extraction solutions, making the work environment safer and cleaner. Prima Air, on the other hand, ensures proper moisture levels, which is essential for maintaining wood quality and efficient production.

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Printing stands or falls with good air quality. Prima Air’s humidification systems are designed specifically for the printing industry. By providing precise control over humidity levels, our systems help improve print quality and increase productivity.

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For precise environmental control in the plastics industry, people rely on Reinders Extraction Systems and Prima Air. Reinders Extraction Systems offers specialized extraction systems to keep the working environment clean and safe during processes such as injection molding and extrusion. On the other hand, Prima Air ensures proper humidity levels with humidification systems, which is essential for final product quality and efficiency of production processes.

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110+ years of Dedication, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

We will take on any complex challenge that needs to be solved by world-class engineers. Curious about what we do? Take a look at our projects.

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BES Bollmann Drying & Control Systems

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BES Bollmann Drying & Control Systems

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BES Bollmann Drying & Control Systems

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BES Bollmann Drying & Control Systems

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Do you have any questions on our products, services or projects? Please feel free to contact us.

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