Condensation should be thought of as the phase transition from gas or vapor form to liquid. Condensation is the opposite of evaporation. If warm, moist air is cooled below the dew point, the water vapor in this air will condense.


The occurrence of condensation

If warm air with high humidity comes into contact with a cold surface, the moisture will condense into water on the cold surface.

How can condensation be prevented?

Condensation can be prevented by bringing the humidity down. This is important because condensation can lead to product spoilage, oxidation of metals, and bacterial growth and mold, among other things. 

Reinders Industrial solves your moisture problems

Reinders Industrial can solve your condensation problems by reducing the humidity in the air. All our drying installations are designed in-house according to your specific situation. We have the knowledge to investigate and efficiently tackle your moisture problems. One of our spearheads is the realization of “turn-key” projects. We can take care of the complete project planning for you: from research and design to installation and maintenance. 

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