Houweling's Gewächshaus

Houweling’s is a world-renowned family business that focuses on the sustainable cultivation of tomatoes. The company continually innovates to be as environmentally conscious as possible. Houweling’s greenhouse in Utah (11 hectares) was built next to a power plant so that the heat and CO2 emitted by the power plant can […]

GlassPoint Gewächshaus-Klimasystem

American startup Glasspoint is building a giant solar power plant in California on top of an oil field owned by oil companies Shell and ExxonMobil. The solar heat will help pump the last viscous oil from this well. The Glasspoint power plant consists of thousands of “trough mirrors” that concentrate […]

Emsflower GmbH - Emsbüren Duitsland

Emsflower is located in Germany and is one of the largest nurseries in Europe. A nursery that likes to be at the forefront of the market. So Emsflower also wanted to give more attention to the environmentally friendly production of its products. Throughout the chain. Generating your own energy, being […]