Food Industry

In the food industry it is important to have the right conditions for every product. If it deviates just a little, there is already a chance that it will spoil or make people sick later. Reinders Industrial has years of experience in this industry. Our experts can find the best solution to your problem. 


Moisture problems in the food industry

In the food industry there are very high demands on hygiene, quality and a constant production flow. Excessive moisture and a low refreshment rate can cause adhesion, rejection, production stops, low shelf life and bacterial and fungal growth, among other things. Dehumidifying and treating the production line ensures an optimal storage and processing environment for your products.

Quality and capacity gains

Besides preservation and improvement of quality, our systems can realize a capacity increase in your new and/or current drying installations. The spray drying of for example cheese or milk powder is faster thanks to the dehumidification of the air that is being dried by an adsorption dryer. 

Regardless of your production process and product, we can create the perfect climate in all phases of food processing. By applying (adsorption) drying technology you are completely independent of outside air, the process time is shortened, your capacity increased and the product quality remains optimal by preventing moisture absorption.

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