Petrochemical industry

In the petrochemical industry, most of the processes need a low or stable humidity. It is needed in the production hall or around the product. Reinders Industrial has years of experience in this industry. Our experts can find the best solution to your problem. 

Moisture problems in the petrochemical industry

For various processes, the petrochemical industry needs a low or stable humidity in the production hall or around the product to be treated or produced. For the conditioning of production halls and production lines we use air handling units in which filtering, cooling, heating, humidification and drying can take place.

Energy Recovery

For an energy-efficient application, we post-heat the air with heated mold cooling water at some installations. This requires a lower capacity of both the mould cooling and the heating power. In addition, the (residual) energy from the cooling process is also used as heating power. This efficient application of a chiller and a heat pump results in lower operational costs.

Drying of products

The drying of plastic granules is also one of the possibilities for which our adsorption dryers are used. The bound moisture must come from deep within the product and requires very dry air. With an adsorption dryer also temperature sensitive products can be dried quickly.

Oil Industry

We have experience in developing installations for the oil industry and the associated extremely high outdoor temperatures at production sites. At night, the ambient temperature drops very quickly here, posing a risk of condensation. Our drying installations respond to this by fully automatically preventing condensation with minimal energy consumption and intelligent control.

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