Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry discovers, develops, manufactures and sells medicines or pharmaceutical drugs for use as medicine. It is important to have the best conditions, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. Reinders Industrial has years of experience in this industry. Our experts can find the best solution to your problem. 

Moisture problems in the pharmaceutical industry

Reinders Industrial has developed various adsorption and hybrid drying systems for the pharmaceutical industry, fully customized and adapted to the customer’s process. The pharmaceutical industry mainly processes powders, tablets and capsules that need to be stored and handled under low humidity conditions of 5-25% and extremely clean conditions. Also the exact regulation of air humidity to promote or inhibit the growth of specific organic cultures is one of the possibilities of our installations.

Moisture problems in hygroscopic materials

If powders and other hygroscopic materials contain more than the desirable amount of moisture, this can cause obstructions. Examples are blockages in silos and transport lines during the processing and transport of these powders. Also quality loss during production is a known problem with too humid powders. These moisture problems can lead to higher production costs, more downtime, lower quality and hygiene problems. Storing and processing under low humidity prevents problems due to sticking and caking. 

The (pre)drying of silos or transport lines can be realized through condensation or adsorption drying, depending on your product. The drying of production lines ensures a good and fast throughput, high quality, less residual material, less cleaning and a lower risk of bacterial and fungal growth. Our drying systems ensure fast and constant production, preservation of quality and extend the duration of storage combined with the lowest possible energy consumption.

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