PrimaAir Easy Pump Unit

The PrimaAir Easy pump unit was specially developed for smaller spaces where standard air humidification systems are too extensive or too expensive. The Easy pump unit is very light and easy to move around. The pump unit is suitable for humidifying one room and has a maximum capacity of 95 liters per hour. The 0.6 kW electric motor is very economical. In addition, the pump unit is easy to assemble and maintenance friendly.

The advantages of the Easy pump unit:

– Energy-efficient thanks to its 0.6 kW electric motor
– Easy to install and expand (low installation costs)
– Simple operation
– Easy to move
– High humidification efficiency


High-pressure pump with electric motor type 010382

Power: 0.6 kW

Capacity: 1.6 l/m

Pressure: max 80 bar

Compact & simple

The Easy mobile high-pressure humidifier meets all your humidification needs. The very compact pump unit allows you to easily respond to changes in your environment. Via the small control panel you can adjust the humidity level at any time. The humidity is measured with an electronic humidity sensor. This is connected to an adjustable humidity controller, and can automatically turn the system on or off as needed.

How the Easy pump unit works

The pump unit is very suitable for pumping water for the purpose of humidification. The pump unit consists of a stainless steel casing containing a 3 micron filter, minimum pressure protection, pressure regulator, pressure indicator, a solenoid valve to humidification units, control panel and a pump with electric motor. The pump consists of an aluminum gear housing, ceramic plungers, valve housing made of brass or stainless steel and valves made of stainless steel.
The pump unit draws water from the water mains and flows through a 3 micron filter to the suction side of the high pressure pump. The pump delivers the water under high pressure to the piping system. The pressure is set to approximately 70 bar by means of a pressure regulator.

Download the brochure for more information : Brochure-PrimaAir-pompunit-Easy


– Power point 230 V 1 phase + neutral, 10 Ampere
– Water connection with backflow prevention

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