Extraction Systems for the Wood Industry

Reinders Extraction Systems is the leading expert for extraction systems in the wood industry. Our installations remove wood shavings and wood dust in a reliable, effective and safe way. 

At Reinders we are experts in ATEX and ensure all our installations are fire and explosion safe. We can custom build any type of installation due to our flexible and modular construction system.

Extraction and Filtration in the Woodworking Industry

When wood is machined or processed, wood shavings, sawdust and wood dust are generated. This can have several negative effects:

  • Health: The wood dust is harmful to your employees’ health in the long run
  • Machines: The wood particles can cause damage to your machines (e.g. they can get jammed)
  • Explosion: Wood dust is flammable and explosive

Reinders Extraction Systems designs machines that can remove these wood shavings, sawdust and wood dust in an effective and safe way. 

All our installations are:

  • Custom-built
  • High quality
  • Flexible and modular
  • Fire safe
  • Easy to install
  • Energy efficient
  • Environmentally friendly

Many of our extraction and filtration systems for the wood industry are custom-built. They are characterized by a flexible modular construction. Because they are easy to connect, the installation can easily be adapted to any development.

Filters in the Woodworking Industry

There are 5 types of filters that are typically being used in extraction systems for the wood industry. Our experts at Reinders can advise you on the right filter type for your specific installation. 

  • Compact filter
    The compact filter uses simple machine groups consisting of one or more machines. The maximum diameter of the suction line is Ø 315 mm and the maximum air volume through the suction line is 6,000 m3/h. A compact filter is also suitable for briquetting wood dust. 
  • Bag filter
    The bag filter can be used up to volumes of approximately 40,000 m3/h. We apply this filter for small material quantities. The waste is collected in barrels containing large plastic bags. 
  • Silo filter
    The silo filter with a cellular airlock can be used up to approximately 40,000 m3/h and is placed on a silo roof or a container. Thus, the wood moth falls directly into the storage container without a transport fan. The cellular radius sluice prevents overpressure in the silo or container.
  • Worm filter
    The worm filter has a transport fan that transports the waste to the cell wheel sluice. The maximum air volume is approximately 60,000 m3/h. Especially with larger amounts of dust, a worm filter is very suitable. The worm propels the moth to the cellular airlock and then it goes to the silos or containers.
  • Chain filter
    The chain filter uses a scraper chain and sluice for the removal of the waste. This filter is suitable for up to very large air volumes of up to approximately 300,000 m3/h. This filter is used when large quantities of air and/or waste material need to be extracted, but also when future expandability is desired.

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