Greenhouse Ventilation & Air Circulation by Enerdes®

For an optimal greenhouse climate, ventilation is essential. Enerdes develops and manufactures air circulation systems for greenhouses that allow you to achieve perfect growing conditions on every square inch in your greenhouse.

We have several innovative techniques available for the best ventilation using forced ventilation, air distribution hoses and overpressure. 

Depending on your climate and ventilation wishes, our engineers will guide you through the process and help you find the best option for your needs. Curious what we can do for your greenhouse?

HAF fans with air distribution hoses

The Enerdes expertise

Three options for Ventilation in Greenhouses

Enerdes can identify and provide the best ventilation option for all types of greenhouses.  

Enerdes has decades of experience in providing greenhouses with technology that helps them achieve perfect air quality. Our history in climate control systems goes back to 1910! That is over a hundred years of development and innovations for the greenhouse industry. 

Enerdes supplies everything that is needed for optimal greenhouse ventilation, air circulation and air distribution:

  1. Air circulation fans
    Enerdes can supply the most energy efficient fans with a long life span. These fans are typically placed in the top of your greenhouse and can mostly provide horizontal air distribution.
  2. Patented double air distribution hoses
    Air hoses optimize the air circulation in your greenhouse even further, by either bringing in fresh air, heated air or cooled air, or by just moving air. The air distribution can be controlled by the position of the puncture holes in the air hose.
  3. Air hoses under the gutters
    Air circulation close to your plants is very important in order to avoid stagnant air near your plants and high humidity levels. These conditions create a higher risk of plant diseases and mold development.

Enerdes supplies ventilation systems to greenhouses as big as 13 ha.

Air Circulation Greenhouse Fan

Enerdes ensures optimal air circulation in your greenhouse by getting the following things right:

  • Fan sizing – The right type of greenhouse fan
    Enerdes is the exclusive supplier of EBMPapst fans. These fans are extremely energy efficient and very suitable for greenhouse applications. Many different types are available. We can help you make the best choice.
  • Fan amount – The right number of greenhouse fans
    Enerdes can model your greenhouse and determine the ideal number of fans that will allow you to have the best air circulation and greenhouse ventilation. Getting the number of fans right is crucial. A too small amount of fans will negatively impact the air circulation. But too many fans will create unnecessary investments and operating costs.
  • Fan location – The right position for your greenhouse fans
    You can have many circulation fans in your greenhouse, but if they are not properly positioned, undesirable air flow effects can occur. For example: If you do not have strategic ventilation points, vortices may develop in one area of your greenhouse and stagnant air in another. Enerdes can model the air flow in your greenhouse and can tell you exactly what the best distribution of fan locations is throughout your greenhouse.

Enerdes is the exclusive supplier of air circulation fans and the fans that are best suited for being placed at the beginning of an air hose (also known as air tube, air duct, convention tube, poly duct). 

These fans are energy efficient, produce low noise levels and can have a variable speed control. We can supply both EC fans and AC fans. Enerdes can install them in such a way that you can either control the speed of certain groups of fans or even adjust the power of every single fan.

Greenhouse ventilation, air circulation and air distribution Enerdes

Greenhouse vent for conventional and semi-closed types

The control over greenhouse ventilation differs for conventional greenhouses versus semi-closed greenhouses. Enerdes has a lot of experience with designing and installing climate control systems for both types of greenhouses. 

It is important to have a company with greenhouse climate expertise like Enerdes, model and compute the optimal greenhouse ventilation and air circulation for you. Based on your unique greenhouse, Enerdes can advise you on how much fresh air intake and air exhausts you need. 

We can advise you on how to achieve overpressure with minimal effort and energy consumption in order to keep undesirable pollution and insects out of your greenhouse and how to avoid underpressure. 

The available options are:

  • Fresh air intakes with HEPA grade filters, to avoid any contaminants from entering your greenhouse
  • Exhausts with or without odor control
  • Double air blowers, for energy efficient heating and cooling of your greenhouse
  • Roof vents
  • Pad and fan greenhouse

Enerdes greenhouse ventilation system

Enerdes develops advanced high tech greenhouse technology systems that are completely integrated. This results in a fully automated greenhouse control system, that you can monitor and adjust if necessary. 

Based on information from pressure, temperature and humidity sensors hanging inside and outside the greenhouse, the fans from the fresh air intake and the exhausts will be automatically regulated. Similarly to how the greenhouse vent can be automatically regulated or manually controlled. 

Enerdes control systems integrate and control all climate systems automatically like fans, valves, heaters and chillers in order to achieve the perfect air quality and greenhouse conditions for your crop.

Why is an automatic greenhouse vent even needed?

Some might wonder:Do greenhouses really need ventilation?

The undeniable answer is: YES! 

Depending on the crop, certain types of chemicals will build up and your plants will be needing fresh air every now and then. It is also healthier for employees working in the growing space. When it comes to a suitable greenhouse ventilation system, Enerdes can help control your greenhouse temperature, humidity levels and air quality with advanced greenhouse technology. Our in-house developed systems and innovations have been applied in greenhouses all over the world.

Enerdes also provides the system and control technology, so you can monitor and control your fan speed at any moment. If you would like to receive advice or a quotation on how to optimize your greenhouse air distribution from Enerdes, feel free to contact us.

Greenhouse ventilation air circulation air distribution

Greenhouse air circulation vs. ventilation

Air circulation is different from ventilation. 

Greenhouse ventilation concerns the process of taking fresh air in and exhausting other air out in order to keep the right pressure in your greenhouse. 

Air circulation is purely the movement of air. Air movement and air distribution is very important for the health of your plants. Stagnant air increases the risk of plant diseases and mold development. Air distribution provides a homogeneous temperature and humidity distribution for all plants everywhere in your greenhouse. This is very important for constant and repeatable product quality and crop yields.

Greenhouse air distribution and greenhouse HVAC

Apart from the movement of air, it is also very important that this air has the right temperature and humidity levels for your plants. Enerdes greenhouse HVAC systems are developed so that they provide your greenhouse with high quality air at the desired temperature, moisture content and CO2 levels, with minimal energy consumption. 

Our systems recycle water and waste heat as much as possible. For cost saving greenhouse technology and environmentally friendly growing solutions, contact Enerdes!

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