Reinders Consulting Company

We are a 100+ year old global management consulting firm that serves private, public and social sector institutions. We serve our clients by creating sustainable solutions for their complex challenges in their industries. Our engineers and consultants have expertise in nearly all industries across all continents. With over a century of experience and know-how we are a uniquely equipped firm for every challenge.

Power by knowledge

Our firm has its foundation on heating, climate and energy systems. For this reason we were involved in many of the world’s largest energy, agriculture and climate projects. We have solved complex challenges both big and small in every industry and region, locally and globally. Our understanding of engineering solutions is deep and diversified.

Innovating together

Our firm is constantly working with clients throughout the world to complete innovative projects across all industries. No matter the challenge we focus on delivering practical and enduring results to create a better planet for future generations.


We are a global organization that takes her task to be socially and environmentally responsible very serious. Our company culture and history is built on saving and managing resources for future generations. It is our commitment to do business that way.


Discover our projects in several industries such as; energy, pharmacy, oil & gas, agriculture, wood industry and many more.
We always have plenty of great ideas for improving the world and our business, if there is a complex challenge that needs to be solved by world-class engineers and know-how that runs generations deep please be sure to contact us.

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