Prima Air - Maintenance of humidification systems

Prima Air is a world leader in developing and manufacturing energy-efficient humidification and cooling systems. 

In addition to a wide range of products, Prima Air also offers maintenance services such as: humidification maintenance, 24-hour service, advice and inspection, overhaul and commissioning of humidification systems.

Maintenance Humidification

Om uw hoge druk bevochtigingsinstallatie in optimale conditie te houden is het mogelijk om een onderhoudscontract met Prima Air af te sluiten. Dit houdt in dat uw installatie eens per jaar door één van onze servicemonteurs van top tot teen wordt gecontroleerd, gereinigd en opnieuw afgesteld:

  1. Check
    Our technician checks the entire installation for functionality. 
  2. Cleaning
    All components are thoroughly cleaned and the filters in the main unit are replaced. Cleaning is important to prevent clogging and calcification. Prima Air systems are designed to build up very little limescale and to last a long time. Therefore Prima Air systems require maintenance far less often than other brands.
  3. Readjustment
    Finally, the parameters will be adjusted in order to humidify your rooms as optimally as possible.

Proper maintenance prevents failures and ensures a long service life for your Prima Air humidification system.

24-Hour Humidification Service

Prima Air has its own 24-hour service department that will resolve any complaints or malfunctions as quickly as possible. This means that we are at your service day and night, 365 days a year.

Our service technicians are the most experienced refrigeration technicians, who can solve problems immediately.

With proper maintenance, most failures can be prevented. Prima Air offers both a maintenance contract and a breakdown contract.

Advice and Inspection Humidification

Prima Air can advise you on how to optimize your current installation for your application. We can also carry out inspections to see if your installation still meets the requirements:

  • Safety standards
  • Safety circuits
  • Desired process specifications
  • Energy consumption
  • Water consumption
  • Functionalities and performance

Revision Humidification

The advantage of Prima Air dehumidification systems is that they can be easily extended or modified. Even after a few or more years of operation, an existing system can easily be extended with additional dehumidification groups. The extension offers a lot of functionality and the costs are limited because there is not much adjustment needed. Also, installation groups can be quickly moved to other rooms if necessary.

Prima Air can also offer the replacement of entire older installations.

Once every few years it is convenient to replace some parts of the dehumidification unit. Due to the modular structure of Prima Air systems, this can be done quickly. Our service technicians will only replace the parts that really need to be replaced, most of them can be used again for many years after a thorough cleaning. After the overhaul a test run will be made to ensure that everything is running as desired.

Commissioning Humidification

During the commissioning of Prima Air air humidification systems, the machine is not only connected to power and water, but also extensively tested:

  1. At the time of installation, the optimal place for placing the nozzles, air jets and sensors is considered.
  2. The machine is connected to local water and power supplies.
  3. A security check is carried out.
  4. The parameters of the dehumidification unit are set at the customer’s factory.

Our mechanics:

        Working according to standard protocols and safety rules

        Have a VCA diploma

        Are trained in refrigeration technology

        Have a lot of experience with humidification systems

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