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Extraction Systems

Reinders Extraction Systems is the specialist in industrial extraction. Many companies are familiar with the problem: substances are released during production which must be disposed. These may be material residues, dust, vapour and the like that are produced when working and processing wood, metal, plastic, paper, rubber and other materials.

Reinders Extraction Systems produces installations that meet the ATEX standards. Our dust extraction systems can be tailor-made to fit any process. Do you have any questions on our products, services or projects? Please feel free to contact us.

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Reinders Extraction Systems specializes in the manufacture, supply and installation of custom industrial extraction systems. These systems are essential for areas where particulate matter, particles or vapors are released. We also offer advanced sound isolation systems, which significantly reduce noise levels in industrial environments. These systems are designed to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment, taking into account both acoustic performance and noise regulations.

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Dust Extraction Systems

Reinders Extraction Systems is the leading manufacturer of industrial dust extraction systems for the Dutch and Benelux market. Since 1910, the company has invented and produced state-of-the-art industrial dust extraction and filtration systems. The expertise within Reinders Extraction Systems allows us to customize airflow and filtration for any industry and provide optimal air extraction solutions with the highest quality standards.

We are a top expert in ATEX and QEX certification. A Reinders installation will always comply with the highest quality standards and ensure a safe and healthy production facility.

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Extraction Systems

Dust Extraction

Reinders Extraction Systems, established in 1910, specializes in high-efficiency dust extraction solutions tailored for various industries. Our engineering expertise ensures systems that enhance both safety and operational performance.

Extraction Systems


Reinders Extraction Systems provides all essential components for air extraction and filtration, including ducting, connections, and more. We ensure availability of standard parts and swift production of custom-sized items.

Extraction Systems

Filtration Systems

Reinders leads in innovative filter material solutions, focusing on sustainability and energy efficiency. Our materials are utilized across sectors including woodworking, metal machining, and general manufacturing, offering effective dust extraction for diverse applications.

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Welding Fume Extraction Systems

Welding fume extraction systems are essential equipment used to capture and remove hazardous fumes, gases, and particulates generated during welding and other metalworking processes. These systems help protect welders and other workers from the health risks associated with inhaling welding fumes, which can contain harmful substances such as metal oxides, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other toxic components.

Reinders Luchttechniek can help you to clean the air using filters, such as high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, to physically trap and remove solid particles from the fumes.

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Sound Isolation Systems

Sound can be amplified when there are many “hard” materials around. Hard materials include steel and concrete, and that is exactly what is often present in production areas and workplaces. Sound attenuation can be achieved by installing “soft” materials that absorb sound. The sound does not reverberate further and is thus attenuated.
Reinders Luchttechniek has extensive knowledge of sound insulation solutions and sound-absorbing materials. We look at each customer’s situation individually to find out what the ideal soundproofing solution is.

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Extraction Systems

Sound Isolation Booths

Reinders Extraction Systems provides sound isolation booths for industrial settings. These booths are flexible, suitable for surrounding noisy machines or making a quieter area for employees. They are available in both stationary and movable versions.

Extraction Systems

Machine Soundproof Cabinets

Reinders Extraction Systems offers soundproof cabinets for machinery, effectively lowering noise levels while maintaining efficiency. These customizable cabinets, available with features such as doors and windows, are constructed from materials that absorb sound.

Extraction Systems

Sound Isolation Wall

Reinders Extraction Systems provides sound isolation walls tailored for different industrial environments. These walls, which can be either permanent or portable, are designed according to sound level data and specific customer needs.


Expertise in dust extraction systems

Backed by decades of experience, our expert engineers custom-design industrial dust extraction systems to provide optimal airflow and filtration.

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Do you have any questions on our products, services or projects? Please feel free to contact us.

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