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Greenhouse Odour Control

Do persistent and undesirable odors plague your greenhouse operation? Enerdes offers a range of effective and environmentally conscious odour control solutions designed to keep your greenhouse smelling fresh and the surrounding community happy.

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Advantages of Enerdes® Odour Control Systems

At Enerdes, you’ve come to the right place for a greenhouse odor control system. Read more about the benefits below:

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Activated carbon filtration

Our Enerdes Carbon Filters use activated carbon, a market-standard material known for its efficacy in absorbing odors, ensuring you get a tried-and-tested solution.

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Microbial magic

Choose Enerdes Biofilters for a completely natural solution. Our biofilters use optimized microbes that neutralize both odor and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), offering an eco-friendly option.

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Aromatic barrier

The Enerdes Vapour Odour Control System disperses essential oils around the perimeter of your greenhouse, effectively neutralizing undesired odors while introducing a pleasant scent to the environment.

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Customizable solutions

Whatever your specific needs are, we offer the ability to customize each system, ensuring that you get the most effective solution for your unique challenges.

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Eco-friendly options

From biofilters to essential oils, our range includes solutions that are not only effective but also environmentally responsible.

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Our odour control solutions are crafted to neutralize any unwelcome aromas in your greenhouse. Made from high-quality materials, they are durable and reliable, ensuring a lasting solution. Proper odor management is critical for maintaining a pleasant work environment and community relations.

Customize your system based on the type of odor neutralizers and filtration mechanisms you require. In line with our commitment to efficiency, these solutions are highly effective at odor removal without using excess energy.

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