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Greenhouse Boiler Rooms

The main use for boilers is heating the greenhouse. Additionally, the CO2 created in the process is used for CO2 enrichment in the greenhouse. Optionally, production of steam can be integrated as well. Usually, a separate boiler room is built, close to the greenhouse. Heat is transported from the boiler room to the greenhouse and subsequently distributed into all areas. A boiler room is completely filled with an integrated greenhouse heating system that has many components which are all dependent on each other.

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Advantages of Enerdes® Boiler Rooms

For dependable and efficient heating solutions in your greenhouse, a well-designed boiler room is crucial. Enerdes is at the forefront of boiler room technology, offering unparalleled reliability and performance.

We have innovated advanced control systems for boiler rooms, maximizing both safety and heat output. In partnership with our customers, we provide tailored boiler room setups that meet specific heating requirements for a variety of applications. Learn more about our Boiler Rooms.

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Enerdes boiler Rooms are built with scalability in mind. As your greenhouse operations grow, our boiler systems can easily be expanded or adapted to meet your evolving needs.

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With a focus on quality and durability, our boiler Rooms offer high reliability. You can count on consistent heating performance, drastically reducing the risks associated with unplanned outages.

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Your unique heating needs deserve unique solutions. That’s why we offer customizable boiler room setups, tailored to meet the specific requirements of your plants and greenhouse configurations.

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Safety features

Safety is our priority. Our advanced control systems come with features such as automatic shutdowns, alarms, and real-time monitoring to ensure safe and efficient operation.

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Maximize your greenhouse management with our boiler Rooms that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing climate control or monitoring systems for a more comprehensive and automated operation.

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Boiler Rooms from Enerdes

A boiler room is completely filled with an integrated greenhouse heating system that has many components which are all dependent on each other:

  • Boiler
  • Flue gas condenser
  • CO2 enrichment system
  • Head manifold
  • Group dividers

Optimal selection and sizing of these components as well as their installation and interconnection is of utmost importance.

Greenhouse with a boiler room

Boiler rooms serve to heat the greenhouse, produce CO2, store heat and produce steam for disinfecting material. The boiler room must comply with legal requirements and guidelines.

Many different installations are placed in the boiler room, many of which are dependent on each other and therefore need to be properly coordinated. For example, there are boilers in the boiler room, with flue gas condensers if necessary. But also a CO2 installation, main distribution lines and group divider are often part of a boiler room.

The boilers are used for heating the greenhouse, producing CO2, and possibly steam. A boiler is dimensioned to meet the required heat demand, which is determined by a climate analysis. A boiler can run on different fuels depending on availability and local legislation.

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