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Condensation dryers from Reinders Industrial are designed in-house according to your specific need. Our research and development team enables us to find the best solution for you, both on an energy-efficient and a cost-saving level.

Our speciality is that we can take care of everything for you, from research to design and the installation and maintenance of the machine.

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Advantages of Reinders Industrial® Condensation Dehumidifiers

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High reliability

Our condensation dehumidifiers are engineered to endure constant use without faltering. Encased in standard stainless steel housing, these units not only demonstrate robustness but also assure hygienic operation, making them particularly well-suited for critical applications like healthcare and food production where reliability and cleanliness are paramount.

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Tailor-made installation

Energy consumption and effectiveness often exist in a trade-off relationship. Our condensation dehumidifiers, however, are designed to minimize this trade-off by being highly adaptable. This means we can custom-fit the installation to ensure it consumes as little energy as possible while still achieving maximum dehumidification effects, perfectly balancing efficiency and performance.

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Achieves low moisture contents

In environments where low humidity is essential, such as in data centers or archival storage, achieving low moisture content is critical. Our condensation dehumidifiers excel at maintaining remarkably low levels of humidity, ensuring that your valuable assets are well-protected from moisture-related damage over time.

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Energy efficiency is not merely an added bonus but a central feature of our condensation dehumidifiers. Designed with advanced sensors and microprocessor-based control units, these dehumidifiers automatically adjust to your specific conditions, ensuring that they operate at optimal energy levels. This intelligent operation contributes to both environmental sustainability and long-term cost savings.

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Low operating costs

The long-term cost of operating a dehumidifier can significantly impact your budget. Our condensation dehumidifiers are engineered for longevity and are impressively cost-effective to run. Their design allows for easy access to components, making maintenance straightforward and thereby reducing the total cost of ownership.

Reinders Industrial® Condensation Dryers

Condensation Dehumidifier (Custom)

The condensation dehumidifier achieves very low humidity levels, with the dehumidifier optimized to minimize energy consumption. The dehumidifier is particularly energetically efficient in very hot and humid air that condenses easily.

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The condensation dryers from Reinders Industrial

Reinders Industrial introduces cutting-edge condensation dehumidifiers engineered for superior performance and reliability. Constructed from premium materials, these dehumidifiers are built to endure, protecting your long-term investment. They excel in achieving consistently low humidity levels, ensuring a controlled environment tailored for your specific needs.

Customize your condensation dehumidifier by selecting from various sizes, features, and power ratings. With high energy-efficiency scores, our dehumidifiers not only safeguard your environment but also significantly reduce operating costs.

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