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Greenhouse Fogging Systems

Greenhouse fogging solutions are a type of disinfection method used in greenhouse environments to control pests, pathogens, and diseases. Fogging involves the application of a fine mist or fog of disinfectant solutions throughout the greenhouse, targeting the air and surfaces to effectively combat pests and pathogens.

The selection of fogging solutions and their application should be based on the specific needs of the greenhouse, desired humidity levels and the crops being grown. Consulting with our greenhouse specialists can provide valuable guidance in selecting the appropriate fogging solutions and implementing effective pest and pathogen control strategies.

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Fogging systems to combat pests and pathogens

Enerdes supplies different types of greenhouse fogging systems, including: high pressure humidification and low pressure humidification. Fogging solutions can be applied in several ways depending on the specific needs and requirements of the greenhouse.

Our Fogging Systems


High-pressure Humidification

A high-pressure fogging system consists of several components, including a high-pressure pump, distribution lines, and fogging nozzles. The pump pressurizes water, typically using a pressure of 800 to 1,200 pounds per square inch (psi) or higher. The water is then distributed through a network of pipes or hoses to strategically positioned fogging nozzles within the greenhouse. Read more


Low-pressure Humidification

Low-pressure fogging systems operate at relatively lower water pressure, typically ranging from 40 to 150 psi. The water is pressurized using pumps or compressed air and is then directed through nozzles to create a fog of larger water droplets. These droplets take longer to evaporate, resulting in higher levels of relative humidity within the greenhouse. Read more

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    Greenhouse Fogging Systems from Enerdes®

    Enerdes is part of the Reinders Corporation and has been developing and producing fogging systems for greenhouses since 1910. We can provide valuable guidance in selecting and installing an appropriate high-pressure fogging system for specific greenhouse needs.

    Our systems utilizes specialized equipment to generate high-pressure water and force it through fine nozzles, producing a mist that quickly evaporates, thereby increasing the humidity within the greenhouse. 

    It’s advisable to consult with greenhouse specialists experienced in greenhouse humidification to determine the most suitable system for specific requirements.

    High pressure Humidification

    High-pressure Humidification

    High-pressure fogging humidification systems offer several benefits for greenhouse environments. They promote optimal plant growth by maintaining appropriate humidity levels, enhancing transpiration efficiency, and contributing to overall plant health. The evaporative cooling effect of high-pressure fogging helps regulate temperatures, preventing heat stress in plants. These systems ensure uniform coverage, distributing moisture evenly throughout the greenhouse. Overall, high-pressure fogging humidification systems create a favorable and controlled environment that supports healthy and thriving plants.

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    Low-pressure Humidification

    Low-pressure Humidification

    Low-pressure fogging humidification systems provide various benefits for greenhouses. The larger water droplets produced by low-pressure fogging systems result in higher relative humidity, creating a more humid environment within the greenhouse. These systems can be cost-effective compared to high-pressure systems, offering a more affordable option for greenhouse operations. Additionally, low-pressure fogging can help wet surfaces and provide moisture to specific crops or aid in pest control strategies.

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    Houweling’s Greenhouse

    Houweling’s is a world-renowned family business that focuses on the sustainable cultivation of tomatoes. The company continually innovates to be as environmentally conscious as possible.

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    Other greenhouse solutions

    Greenhouse Fogging Systems
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    Greenhouse Air

    Optimize your greenhouse environment with Enerdes’ advanced air systems. Engineered for efficiency and adaptability.

    • One-stop climate solution
    • Tailored for your needs
    • Proven efficiency
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    Greenhouse heating solutions
    Greenhouse Fogging Systems

    Greenhouse Heating

    Experience reliable climate control with Enerdes’ advanced heating systems. Tailored for commercial and industrial greenhouses, our solutions focus on efficiency, yield, and operational savings.

    • Optimized crop conditions
    • Energy efficient and cost-effective
    • Comprehensive climat control
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    Greenhouse Fogging Systems
    Greenhouse Fogging Systems

    Greenhouse Dehumidification

    Achieve precise moisture management with Enerdes’ state-of-the-art dehumidification systems. Designed specifically for commercial and industrial greenhouses.

    • Balanced humidity levels
    • Energy-efficient moisture control
    • Comprehensive climate stabilization
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