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Greenhouse Smart Control Systems

Are you searching for an intelligent, comprehensive, and adaptable solution for your greenhouse management needs? Enerdes Smart Control Systems offer unparalleled control and monitoring options to keep your greenhouse running optimally. Take control of your greenhouse’s climate, irrigation, and much more.

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Advantages of Enerdes® Smart Control Systems

Read below to learn how Enerdes’ Smart Control Systems provide a robust, efficient and highly customizable solution:

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Remote monitoring & control

Gain the ability to constantly monitor equipment statuses, temperatures, and humidity levels at every desired interval. The option for remote access provides you with unparalleled flexibility.

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Automated or manual control

Experience an unprecedented level of automation for your greenhouse operations. Yet, the system offers manual control options for those who desire it.

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Expert support

With Enerdes, you’re never alone. Our team is always available to assist you with any service or maintenance issues that might arise.

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Optimized climate components

Fans, pumps, chillers, heating, and cooling equipment are meticulously selected and optimized for water and energy savings, as well as product quality.

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Climate modeling and robust control

Benefit from our ability to model and simulate each greenhouse for its specific requirements, allowing for the optimization of air flows, water flows, pressure drops, and temperature ranges.

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Energy and water efficiency

Designed with sustainability in mind, our systems help you save on both water and energy consumption, while maintaining the highest product quality.

110+ years of dedication, entrepreneurship and innovation

We will take on any complex challenge that needs to be solved by world-class engineers. Curious about what we do? Take a look at our projects.

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Enerdes® Smart Control Systems

convection tubes

Convection Tubes (⌀ 470 mm till 940 mm)

For precise climate control in greenhouses, efficient air distribution is crucial. Enerdes leads in air hose technology, having developed the double air distribution hose to optimize air flow. Working in concert with our clients, we tailor the perforation patterns of our hoses to meet the unique demands of each greenhouse operation. This dedicated approach is central to our role as specialists in air distribution, reflecting our sober commitment to agricultural advancement.

Cooling Pads: Fan and Pad Cooling System

When outside air is drawn in, the use of cooling pads is the most efficient way to cool the greenhouse. By using cooling pads, the ambient temperature can be significantly lowered.

  • Long product lifetime
  • Use of frames to increase stability
  • Universally applicable
  • Low maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly
Air distribution hoses

Double Air Distribution Hoses (⌀ 470 mm till 940 mm)

For generations, Enerdes has led the forefront of greenhouse innovation. With our deep-rooted expertise in agriculture and horticulture, we’ve engineered an air distribution system that has transformed greenhouse operations worldwide. Our legacy includes numerous patents in greenhouse technology, with the double air distribution hose being a standout innovation.
  • Unparalleled uniformity in crop growth.
  • Exceptionally consistent and reliable yield rates.

Air Handling Unit (Custom)

Enerdes offers specialized air handling units tailored for greenhouses. Our units ensure optimal climate control, balancing temperature and humidity precisely.
  • Capable of efficient operation in both limited and expansive greenhouse spaces.
  • Engineered for optimal performance in varied climates, from mild to more extreme conditions.
  • An advanced, user-friendly control interface, allowing for precise adjustments for different sizes, path lengths, and environmental conditions in greenhouses.

EC fans (Radial Flow)

Radial EC fans represent an ideal solution for greenhouse environments, ensuring uniform air distribution throughout by circulating air radially.
  • Achieve uniform air distribution in spaces of any size.
  • Incorporate energy-efficient motors to significantly cut electricity use.
  • Offer cost savings over traditional fans with easy, precise control for various greenhouse sizes and conditions.

EC Fans (Axial Flow)

EC Axial fans, optimized for energy efficiency, excel in large-volume, low-pressure environments like greenhouses.
  • Designed to move air parallel to their shaft, suiting expansive spaces.
  • Engineered for cooling, ventilation, and effective air circulation.
  • Customizable by our experts to meet your project’s specific needs.
AC fan in Greenhouse

Air Extraction Fans (AC Fans)

AC Fans excel at supplying fresh air to your greenhouse’s cultivation zones, enhancing both the comfort level and the efficiency of your agricultural enterprise. These fans play a critical role in boosting the quality and productivity of your greenhouse operations. For added functionality, these units can be equipped with automatic self-closing louvers. These louvers open seamlessly as the fan activates, providing efficient air regulation.

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Our systems have constant equipment status monitoring and control, which have the option of remote access and remote management. Enerdes system statuses, greenhouse temperatures and humidity levels can be monitored and documented at every desired time interval.

The greenhouse automation level is very high but systems can also be controlled manually if desired. Enerdes is always available for service or maintenance issues.

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