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Greenhouse Dehumidification Systems

Greenhouse dehumidification systems are designed to reduce excess humidity levels within a greenhouse environment. High humidity can lead to various issues such as condensation, fungal growth, plant diseases, and poor plant performance.

Enerdes has the solution for greenhouses, grow rooms and drying rooms. With years of experience, Enerdes is the world leader in dehumidification systems for greenhouses.

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Dehumidification systems for diverse crops and climates

At Enerdes we have decades of experience in dehumidification. It’s important to consider the specific drying requirements of different crops and the available resources when selecting and designing a drying system for a greenhouse. Consulting with our greenhouse specialist can help determine the most suitable drying solution based on crop characteristics, climate conditions, and desired drying outcomes.

Our Greenhouse Dehumidification Systems


Drying Systems

Greenhouse drying systems help maintain optimal growing conditions, prevent plant diseases, and improve crop quality and yield. There are various methods such as condensation-based dehumidification, DX systems or drying room air distribution. They can be integrated with other greenhouse climate control systems and use sensors and controllers to monitor and regulate humidity levels. Read more


Greenhouse Dehumidifiers

Greenhouse dehumidification systems help to lower too much moisture in greenhouses. Too much humidity can cause problems like water buildup, mold, plant sickness, and weak plant growth. Enerdes offers the Greenhouse Dehumidifier, perfect for greenhouses, grow rooms, and drying rooms. With lots of experience, Enerdes is a top name in dehumidifiers. Contact us anytime for more details. Read more

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    Houweling’s Greenhouse

    Houweling’s is a world-renowned family business that focuses on the sustainable cultivation of tomatoes. The company continually innovates to be as environmentally conscious as possible.

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    Other greenhouse solutions

    Dehumidification Systems
    Dehumidification Systems

    Greenhouse Air

    Optimize your greenhouse environment with Enerdes’ advanced air systems. Engineered for efficiency and adaptability.

    • One-stop climate solution
    • Tailored for your needs
    • Proven efficiency
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    greenhouse cooling
    Dehumidification Systems

    Greenhouse Cooling

    Enhance your greenhouse productivity with Enerdes’ cutting-edge cooling systems. Designed for maximum efficiency and flexibility.

    • All-in-one cooling solution
    • Customized to fit your needs
    • Track record of efficiency
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    Greenhouse heating solutions
    Dehumidification Systems

    Greenhouse Heating

    Experience reliable climate control with Enerdes’ advanced heating systems. Tailored for commercial and industrial greenhouses, our solutions focus on efficiency, yield, and operational savings.

    • Optimized crop conditions
    • Energy efficient and cost-effective
    • Comprehensive climat control
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