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Cooling Towers

A greenhouse needs electricity, for example for lighting. This electricity is usually generated with a combined heat and power (CHP) system. A by-product of the electricity production is heat. This heat is not always needed in which case the heat must be mitigated to keep the CHP running. This can be done with the help of a cooling tower.

Frank van Rooijen
Frank van Rooijen
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Advantages of Enerdes® Cooling Towers

A cooling tower draws in ambient air using fans and then blows it through the cooling tower. The heart of the cooling tower is the finned block, composed of a circuit of interconnected tubes containing the hot water. The ambient air is sucked or blown through the finned block, cooling the water. Read more about the advantages below:

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Precise humidity and temperature control

Precise humidity control, along with temperature control offered by chilled water cooling, allows for a more comprehensive and precise greenhouse climate management. Greenhouse operators can fine-tune the conditions to meet the specific needs of different plant species or growth stages.

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Suitable for any outdoor climate

Greenhouses in regions with fluctuating weather patterns can benefit from the flexibility of chilled water cooling systems. The temperature of the chilled water can be adjusted based on the external climate, allowing for precise control over the greenhouse environment in response to changing weather conditions.

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Separate temperature and humidity zones

Different plants have varying temperature and humidity requirements for optimal growth. By dividing the greenhouse into separate zones, each with its own cooling system, greenhouse operators can create specific microclimates that cater to the needs of different crops. This ensures that each plant variety receives the ideal conditions to thrive, promoting better growth and yield.

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Minimal to no introduction of external air

By minimizing the introduction of external air, the system can avoid the need to heat or cool large volumes of fresh air from the outside. This reduces energy consumption, making the cooling process more efficient and cost-effective.

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When is a cooling tower being used?

We also call our cooling towers emergency coolers. At the time when, for example, a gas engine needs water that may not be too hot and there is only hot water available, the use of a cooling tower is necessary. The cooling tower cools the water so that the too hot water does not damage the gas engine.

Enerdes cooling towers made to measure

All Enerdes cooling towers are custom designed. The design of a cooling tower depends on many factors. These include ambient temperature, amount of water to be cooled, required temperature of the water, etc. Our engineers will gladly work with you to find a suitable solution.

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