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Industrial Humidifiers

In many industries, maintaining the correct humidity levels is crucial for product quality and process efficiency. Industrial humidifiers help prevent issues such as cracking, warping, and shrinkage of materials, ensuring consistent product quality. They also optimize manufacturing processes, reducing downtime and improving overall productivity.

Industrial humidifiers play a vital role in various industries, and the choice of the appropriate system depends on factors such as the size of the space, humidity requirements, energy efficiency goals, and the specific application’s demands. Prima Air can help you to choose the best solution for your industrial setting.

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Which humidifier fits your demands?

When selecting an industrial humidifier, it’s essential to consider factors such as the size of the area requiring humidification, the specific humidity requirements, the type of humidification method suitable for your application, and the system’s energy efficiency. Our engineers will create the best possible solution for you.

The advantages of Prima Air Industrial Humidifiers:

  • One control unit can supply humidification to several spaces
  • Low energy consumption and high capacity
  • Quick and easy installation: Plug & Play
  • Very little service and maintenance needed
  • Stainless steel construction of high quality

Choosing the right humidifier for your business


(High-pressure) Humidifiers

High-pressure humidification is the most energy-efficient and powerful method of humidification in the industrial sector. With all other humidification technologies, you will face higher electricity costs. Read more

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    Prima Air® Industrial Humidifiers

    Easy Pump Unit – 1 room (up to 10,000 m³)

    The Easy Pump Unit is a small mobile system equipped with a frequency-controlled high-pressure pump, frequency controller, pressure sensor, control cabinet, filter, solenoid valve and hour meter.
    • High pressure pump: Type 012051
    • Power: 0.55 kW
    • Capacity: 1.6 litres/minute
    • Pressure: Max 70 bar

    The pump unit is easy to install and operate and features integrated legionella protection.

    Compact Pump Unit – 3 rooms (up to 25,000 m³)

    The Prima Air Compact Pump Unit is designed for independent humidification of two to three rooms. It offers a maximum capacity of 180 liters of water per hour, which is allocated across two to three separate groups.
    • High-pressure plunger pump
    • Power: 1.1 kW
    • Capacity: 3.3 litres/minute
    • Pressure: Max 70 bar

    Advanced Pump Unit – 8 rooms (> 25,000 m³)

    The Advanced Pump Unit by Prima Air, designed for individual humidification, is capable of servicing up to eight separate rooms. It boasts a substantial output, with a maximum capacity of 600 liters per hour, which is evenly distributed across all rooms.
    • Electromotor type 010370 High Pressure Pump
    • Power: 3.0 kW
    • Capacity: 10 litres/minute
    • Pressure: Max 30 bar

    Airjet Prima Air

    The innovative technology of the Airjet ingeniously redirects the vertical airflow from the fan to a horizontal direction, effectively forming a blanket of air.
    • High-pressure water spray at 70 bar onto the air blanket
    • Tiny droplets (less than 5 microns)
    • Efficient absorption by the atmosphere within a 3-metre radius

    Smart Airjet Prima Air

    The humidifiers come with adjustable, clamped air nozzles for directional airflow. They’re easily wall-mounted using brackets.
    • The standard Smart Airjet has two nozzles
    • The Smart Airjet Trio has three nozzles for greater water atomization


    Humidification solutions for industrial applications

    Our team of specialized engineers offers custom humidification solutions that enhance operational efficiency in diverse industrial settings.

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