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Greenhouse Climate Systems

Enerdes is the global market leader for greenhouse climate systems. For more than 70 years we have been specialized in air treatment and conditioning of air in semi-closed and conventional greenhouses.

We advise, design, engineer, produce and instal tailor-made climate systems for our customers that guarantee the most stable climate conditions year-round. We can design solutions for any geographic location or crop.

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Enerdes supplies the entire greenhouse climate system including: air handling units, air distribution hoses, heating and cooling systems, chillers, water sterilizers and drying rooms. We are the expert for greenhouse climate control systems. Below you will find more information about our specific solution for greenhouses.

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Greenhouse Climate Systems

Greenhouse Air Systems

Greenhouses play a crucial role in modern agriculture by extending growing seasons, creating optimal environments for plants, and maximizing crop yields. Within these controlled environments, maintaining ideal air quality is paramount for the health and productivity of the plants.

To achieve this, greenhouse air systems are employed, employing a range of technologies to regulate temperature, humidity, ventilation, and air circulation. Our subsidiary Enerdes can provide you with customized climate systems for the most stable year-round climate solution.

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Air Circulation Fans

Greenhouse fans are an essential part of every climate system. Greenhouse require fans in order to ensure constant and reliable harvesting. High quality crops require fresh air and air circulation. Greenhouse EC/AC fans generate ventilation and circulation. Our Enerdes engineers can help you determine the ideal set-up of your greenhouse fans, from modelling to installation.

Greenhouse Climate Systems

Air Distribution Hoses

To achieve a uniformly balanced climate within your greenhouse, effective air distribution is essential. Our advanced dual hose system elevates air distribution efficiency to an exceptional level. In collaboration with our clients, we tailor-make a bespoke hole pattern to suit any specific application.

Greenhouse Climate Systems

Air Handling Units

Enerdes Air Handling Units ensure the most even air distribution in the greenhouse. Air handling units are systems that provide air treatment for greenhouses in order to create the desired climate for crop production. Enerdes has developed various air handling units for many different greenhouses.

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Convection Tubes

Convection tubes are plastic foil tubes made of polyethylene that can be filled with air. These tubes are installed in greenhouses in order to provide fresh air and air circulation to the crops. Some are unpunched for air transport. The tube foil can also be punched in specific patterns to provide optimal air distribution and air circulation around the crops.

Greenhouse Climate Systems

Greenhouse Heating Systems

Enerdes is a global supplier of greenhouse heating systems for big commercial/industrial greenhouses. Enerdes designs and installs heating systems in greenhouses that provide the desired greenhouse temperature, with minimal energy losses and minimal operating costs.

At Enerdes we guarantee you the best possible solution for greenhouse heating, due to our decades of experience in greenhouse thermodynamics and continuous ambition for innovation.

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Boiler Rooms

A boiler is the central component of the heating system. It generates hot water or steam that is then circulated throughout the greenhouse to provide heat. The heated water or steam from the boiler is distributed throughout the greenhouse using a network of pipes. The distribution system can consist of radiators, finned tube units, or under-bench heating systems.

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Heat Storage Tanks

Heat storage tanks are an integral component of greenhouse heating system. They play a crucial role in storing and distributing heat, ensuring efficient energy utilization. Heat storage tanks are designed to store excess heat generated by the heating system during periods of high heat production, such as when the boiler or heating system is operating at full capacity. This excess heat is stored in the tank and can be utilized during periods of low heat demand, providing a continuous and consistent heat supply to the greenhouse.

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Tubular Heaters

Tubular heaters are a type of heating system commonly used in greenhouses to provide consistent and localized heat. It provides uniform heat distribution along their length, ensuring consistent and even heating throughout the greenhouse area they cover. Enerdes can help in determining the appropriate sizing, placement, and control options for tubular heaters to meet specific greenhouse needs.

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Enerdes designs cogeneration installations (COGENS) completely optimized to your facility. Our tailor-made cogeneration solutions have total returns as high as 88 -95%. Consequently, this high level of energy efficiency makes the installation cost-effective and the more environmentally conscious solution.

Greenhouse Climate Systems

Irrigation Water Disinfector

Sterile irrigation water is vital in greenhouses, especially as water costs rise. Enerdes sterilizers are key to this, disinfecting 99.9% of return irrigation water while preserving oxygen and fertilizers. These sterilizers avoid chemical treatments, using nitric acid and lye for optimal pH balance and offer robust, energy-efficient water treatment. Preferred over UV or ozone sterilization, Enerdes’ heat-based sterilizers ensure clean, safe, and sterile water, tailored to any greenhouse size. This sustainable approach not only saves water and costs but also aligns with environmental conservation efforts.

Greenhouse Climate Systems

Greenhouse Cooling & Chillers Systems

In the push for more efficient agriculture and with environmental concerns in mind, greenhouse cooling systems play a crucial role. While they’re just one part of the overall climate control needed in greenhouses, these coolers are key in managing temperatures and ensuring ideal conditions for plant growth during warmer periods.

Our subsidiary Enerdes can provide you with customized cooling and chillers systems for the most stable year-round climate solution.

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Chilled Water Cooling

Active cooling system in a greenhouse can be based on water cooling or glycol solutions. Water cooling will provide chilled water with a minimal temperature of 4°C and with glycol solutions it’s possible to cool below 0°C. The choice and the design will be based on the cooling demand and the energy costs.

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Evaporative Cooling

When water evaporates in the air, energy is needed. This energy comes from heat which is dissipated from the hot air. The more water can evaporate in the air, the more heat is dissipated and thus the more the greenhouse is cooled.

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Greenhouse Ventilation & Air Circulation

The amount of heat that needs to be removed from greenhouses is so big. To cool a greenhouse, the first measures are ventilation and shading. Ventilation can be achieved by creating air circulation with greenhouse fans and opening roof vents and shutter vents, but what if the outdoor climate is too hot and in fact sunlight is needed for the plants to grow?

Greenhouse Climate Systems

Cooling Towers

Cooling towers play a crucial role in greenhouse operations by managing excess heat and powering essential functions like electricity and lighting. They efficiently regulate temperature, ensuring a balanced climate for optimal plant growth. By dissipating extra heat, these towers maintain a stable environment, crucial for both energy conservation and effective greenhouse management.

Greenhouse Climate Systems

Greenhouse Dehumidification

Greenhouse dehumidification solutions play a vital role in maintaining optimal humidity levels within a greenhouse environment. Excessive humidity can have detrimental effects on plant health and growth, leading to the development of diseases, fungal infections, and reduced productivity.

To counteract these challenges, greenhouse operators employ dehumidification systems specifically designed to remove excess moisture from the air. These solutions help create a controlled and favorable climate that supports healthy plant growth and maximizes yields.

Dehumidification systems for greenhouses encompass a range of technologies and techniques that effectively reduce humidity levels. They address various factors contributing to high humidity, such as evaporation from plants and soil, condensation on greenhouse surfaces, and external weather conditions. By implementing appropriate dehumidification strategies, growers can mitigate the risks associated with excess moisture and create a more conducive environment for their crops. Enerdes has a couple of solutions for dehumidification in your greenhouses, grow rooms and drying rooms. Learn more about our solutions for dehumidification.

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Industrial Cannabis Dryer

Drying systems help to control humidity levels within the greenhouse environment, preventing excessive moisture that can lead to plant diseases, mold growth, and reduced plant productivity. Enerdes can help you with different types of systems (DX systems, condensation drying, PLC contol systems and Cannabis dryers).

Greenhouse Climate Systems

Greenhouse Dehumidifiers

Greenhouse dehumidification systems are essential for controlling moisture levels in greenhouse settings. Elevated humidity can lead to complications such as water buildup, mold development, plant diseases, and hindered plant growth.

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Greenhouse Fogging

Greenhouse fogging solutions employ the power of ultra-fine water droplets to create a fine mist or fog within the greenhouse environment. This innovative method helps to regulate humidity levels and cool the air, mitigating the adverse effects of high temperatures and arid conditions.

By enveloping plants in a gentle mist, fogging solutions effectively mimic natural conditions, providing the ideal microclimate for plants to thrive.

Enerdes can provide you with customized fogging systems for the most stable year-round climate solution.

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Greenhouse Climate Systems

High-pressure Humidification

High-pressure fogging humidification systems offer several benefits for greenhouse environments. They promote optimal plant growth by maintaining appropriate humidity levels, enhancing transpiration efficiency, and contributing to overall plant health. The evaporative cooling effect of high-pressure fogging helps regulate temperatures, preventing heat stress in plants. These systems ensure uniform coverage, distributing moisture evenly throughout the greenhouse. Overall, high-pressure fogging humidification systems create a favorable and controlled environment that supports healthy and thriving plants.

Greenhouse Climate Systems

Low-pressure Humidification

Low-pressure fogging humidification systems provide various benefits for greenhouses. The larger water droplets produced by low-pressure fogging systems result in higher relative humidity, creating a more humid environment within the greenhouse. These systems can be cost-effective compared to high-pressure systems, offering a more affordable option for greenhouse operations. Additionally, low-pressure fogging can help wet surfaces and provide moisture to specific crops or aid in pest control strategies.

Greenhouse Climate Systems

Greenhouse Climate Control

Enerdes has the expertise to help you get the most out of your greenhouse by being able to reliably and accurately control your greenhouse climate.

Enerdes can engineer and supply the climate control system for your greenhouse. Or we can support you with the integration of Enerdes supplied systems and components into an existing or new control system.

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Greenhouse Climate Systems

Smart Control Systems

Our systems have constant equipment status monitoring and control, which have the option of remote access and remote management. Enerdes system statuses, greenhouse temperatures and humidity levels can be monitored and documented at every desired time interval. The greenhouse automation level is very high but systems can also be controlled manually if desired. Enerdes is always available for service or maintenance issues.

Greenhouse Climate Systems

Odour Control

The Greenhouse Odor Control System is a technology designed to manage and reduce odors within a greenhouse environment. Greenhouses are used for the cultivation of plants, including crops and flowers, and they often require controlled conditions such as temperature, humidity, and lighting to optimize plant growth. However, the enclosed nature of greenhouses can sometimes lead to the accumulation of odors, especially if organic materials or certain types of plants are present. It’s important to know that the specific configuration and components of a greenhouse odor control system can vary depending on factors such as the size of the greenhouse, the types of odors present, and local regulations.

Greenhouse Climate Systems

Disinfection and Filtration

Greenhouse Disinfection and Filtration systems are essential components of greenhouse management to ensure a clean and healthy growing environment for plants. These systems are designed to eliminate or reduce pathogens, pests, and airborne contaminants that can adversely affect plant health and growth.

Greenhouse Climate Systems

Cannabis Climate System

Growing medical cannabis on a big scale needs careful attention. To get a steady, high-quality medical cannabis crop, you need special climate technology. At Enerdes, we have many kinds of air handling units for legally growing cannabis in greenhouses and vertical farms. Our options go from simple and efficient to advanced high-tech systems.

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Indoor and Vertical Farming

Indoor and vertical farming are innovative approaches to agriculture that allow for the cultivation of crops in controlled indoor environments. These methods provide opportunities for year-round production, efficient resource utilization, and the ability to grow food in urban areas or regions with limited arable land.

Enerdes can engineer indoor and vertical farming systems for your greenhouse.

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Climate Control Systems for the most stable climate year-round

Enerdes is the expert for greenhouse climate control systems. We advise, design, engineer, produce and instal tailor-made climate systems for our customers that guarantee the most stable climate conditions year-round.

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