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Greenhouse Heat Storage Tanks

When the produced heat cannot be used directly in the greenhouse, the heat is stored in the heat storage tank. The stored heat can then be used at another moment when there is a demand for heat.

The heat demand determines the heat storage: no more heat can be stored than can be used in the short term. To minimize heat loss, it is important that the heat demand is correctly matched with the capacity of the boilers and the size of the heat storage tank.

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Advantages of Enerdes® Heat Storage Tanks

Enerdes Heat Storage Tanks are indispensable. Pioneering in thermal storage technology, Enerdes offers robust solutions that maximize energy efficiency and provide consistent temperature control. Read more about the benefits below:

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Energy efficiency

Elevate your greenhouse’s energy performance with our heat storage tanks. These tanks capture and store excess heat for future use, significantly improving the overall energy efficiency of your heating systems.

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Cost savings

Optimize your operational budget by capitalizing on stored heat. Our tanks reduce the need for real-time energy production, leading to considerable cost savings on your energy bills.

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Consistent temperatures

Never compromise on the optimal growing conditions. Our heat storage tanks maintain a uniform temperature within your greenhouse, benefiting plant growth and developmental cycles.

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Flexibility in energy sources

Versatility is our mantra. Enerdes Heat Storage Tanks are compatible with various energy sources such as solar, boilers, or cogeneration systems, offering you unparalleled flexibility in your energy management.

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Reduced carbon footprint

Step forward into a sustainable future. Our heat storage solutions are designed to minimize your greenhouse’s carbon footprint, making your operation more environmentally friendly.

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Your growth is our success. Enerdes Heat Storage Tanks can be easily expanded or adapted to fit your evolving needs, ensuring you’re always ahead in operational efficiency.

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Our heat storage tanks are an invaluable asset for efficiently storing thermal energy. Built with high-grade materials for long-term use, these tanks ensure you get the most value for your investment. They facilitate a more flexible heating schedule, allowing for an optimal growth environment.

Select the ideal volume, material, and insulation options to fit your specific greenhouse needs. Our heat storage tanks consistently achieve top efficiency ratings, cutting down on energy use and overall operational costs.

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