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Greenhouse Evaporative Cooling

If ventilation and shading are not sufficient, greenhouse temperatures can be controlled by means of evaporative cooling, also referred to as swamp cooling.

When water evaporates in the air, energy is needed. This energy comes from heat, which is dissipated from the hot air. The more water can evaporate in the air, the more heat is dissipated and thus the more the greenhouse is cooled. The initial temperature and the initial relative humidity of the air determine how much water can be evaporated and thus what the cooling capacity is and how much the greenhouse temperature can drop.

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Advantages of Enerdes® Evaporative Cooling Systems

Two types of greenhouse cooling systems are available of which the working principles are based on evaporative cooling: cooling pads (the fan and pad cooling system) or adiabatic cooling with a fogging system or misting system. Read more about the advantages below:

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Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics modelling (CFD)

CFD modeling provides valuable insights and data-driven decision-making capabilities to optimize the design and operation of evaporative cooling systems in greenhouses.

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Less costs to operate

The combination of lower energy consumption, reduced initial investment, lower maintenance costs, water efficiency, and environmental benefits contributes to cost savings with evaporative cooling in a greenhouse compared to more complex and energy-intensive cooling systems.

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No use of CFC’s or HCFC’s

Evaporative cooling is a natural cooling process that uses water evaporation to reduce air temperature. It doesn’t involve any refrigerants or chemical substances.

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Especially effective in dryer climates

Dry climates have low humidity levels, which means the air can absorb more moisture. When water is evaporated into the dry air, it evaporates quickly and effectively, leading to a more substantial cooling effect.

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Enerdes® Evaporative Cooling Systems

Cooling Pads: Fan and Pad Cooling System

When outside air is drawn in, the use of cooling pads is the most efficient way to cool the greenhouse. By using cooling pads, the ambient temperature can be significantly lowered.

  • Long product lifetime
  • Use of frames to increase stability
  • Universally applicable
  • Low maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly

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Our evaporative cooling systems offer an eco-friendly solution for maintaining a comfortable climate in your greenhouse. Manufactured from high-grade materials, these systems provide durability and longevity, ensuring a worthwhile investment. Their natural cooling mechanisms are effective in keeping a balanced environment.

Select from various sizes, materials, and efficiency options to meet your specific needs. As with all our products, these systems attain the highest efficiency standards, minimizing energy usage while maximizing cooling efficiency.

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