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Dust Extraction Systems

Reinders Extraction Systems has been the leading provider for dust extraction systems and solutions since 1910. With our decades of experience we can provide ideal and customized dust extraction for any industry and process. Reinders Extraction Systems can provide your facility with a complete dust extraction system, including ducting and piping.

We are a top expert in ATEX and QEX certification. A Reinders installation will always comply with the highest quality standards and ensure a safe and healthy production facility.

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Reliable dust extraction systems for an optimal climate

Every system we supply is ISO, ATEX and QEX certified and meets the strictest quality and safety standards.

Complete extraction systems and individual components

Dust Extraction Systems

Our extraction systems meet industry standards for safety and quality. With customized solutions backed by decades of expertise, Reinders Extraction Systems ensures a healthy work environment and optimal production quality. From cleaning and grinding to welding and milling, our systems can be adapted to various industrial processes. Read more


Ducts / Pipework

Our innovative ductwork is an integral part of any effective extraction system. Designed for optimal airflow and energy efficiency, our solutions provide seamless extraction. Whether you need explosion valves or rotary valves, you’ve come to the right place. Read more


Filtration Systems

From compact filters for simpler machine groups to chain filters for large ventilation systems, our filtration solutions come in a variety of sizes and functionalities. Reinders’ filter systems can be customized to meet your specific airflow requirements and ensure air quality that meets the highest industry standards. Read more

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    Dust Extraction Systems from Reinders Extraction Systems®


    Expertise in dust extraction systems

    Backed by decades of experience, our expert engineers custom-design industrial dust extraction systems to provide optimal airflow and filtration.

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    Other extraction solutions

    Dust Extraction Systems
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    Welding Fume Extraction Systems

    Engineered for industrial applications, our welding fume extraction systems guarantee a safer and cleaner work environment. They efficiently capture welding fumes at the source, making them indispensable for facilities focused on employee well-being and regulatory compliance.

    • High capture efficiency that minimizes the release of harmful fumes, ensuring a healthier workspace.
    • Built to adhere to stringent industry regulations, eliminating compliance worries.
    • Energy-efficient designs that don’t compromise on performance, reducing your operating costs.
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    Sound isolation booth
    Dust Extraction Systems

    Sound Isolation Systems

    Ideal for industrial settings, our sound isolation systems offer an effective solution to manage and contain high levels of noise generated from machinery and processes. Built with durable materials, they are designed to withstand the rigors of industrial use.

    • Engineered to minimize machine-generated noise, enhancing worker comfort and productivity.
    • Constructed with durable, industrial-grade materials to withstand challenging environments.
    • Compliance with occupational noise regulations, safeguarding against potential legal repercussions.
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