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Greenhouse Low-pressure Humidification

Facing challenges in maintaining consistent humidity levels across your greenhouse? Our Low-Pressure Humidification system offers a reliable and cost-effective solution. Using pumps that operate at 40 to 150 psi, we deliver a mist of larger water droplets for sustained humidity. Don’t let fluctuating moisture levels hold back your crops.

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Advantages of Enerdes® Low-pressure Humidification Systems

Learn more about the many benefits of our low-pressure humidification system for your greenhouse operation below. Learn how this system can improve your crop yield and streamline your workflow, from cost-effectiveness to environmental friendliness:

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Consistent humidity

With droplets that evaporate at a slower rate, our low-pressure system delivers sustained levels of humidity suitable for a broad range of crops.

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Affordable setup

Operating at lower pressures means reduced energy needs, translating into lower initial investment and operating costs for you.

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Ease of installation

The simplicity of the low-pressure system makes it easier and quicker to install, getting your greenhouse up and running in no time.

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Reduced water waste

Larger droplets generated by the system mean less water is lost to evaporation, making it an eco-friendly option.

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Designed with simplicity in mind, our low-pressure system is easy to operate, even for those new to greenhouse management, ensuring a smooth experience.

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Enerdes low-pressure humidification systems offer a cost-effective way to maintain ideal humidity conditions. Crafted from durable materials, these systems ensure longevity and reliability, giving you full value for your investment. They are crucial for keeping the growing environment balanced without using excessive energy.

Choose from various nozzle types, water flow rates, and pressure options to perfectly align with your needs. As always, our low-pressure systems achieve top efficiency ratings, optimizing your resource utilization while maintaining an ideal climate.

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