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Greenhouse Air Systems

Enerdes is the global market leader for greenhouse air systems. For more than 70 years we have been specialized in air treatment and conditioning of air in semi-closed and conventional greenhouses.

Cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions designed to optimize the air quality and environmental conditions within greenhouses. A well-designed air system is paramount to creating an ideal growing environment, maximizing crop productivity, and ensuring the health and vitality of plants.

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Air systems for the most stable climate

Enerdes supplies different types of greenhouse air systems including: air handling units, air distribution hoses, Greenhouse EC/AC Fans and ventilation and air circulation.

We can serve any customer with any need, since we are not a greenhouse supplier or operator. Our products achieve the highest ratings for efficiency and can cater to all your specific needs.

Our Greenhouse Air Systems


Air Handling Units

Enerdes Air Handling Units ensure the most even air distribution in the greenhouse. Air handling units are systems that provide air treatment for greenhouses in order to create the desired climate for crop production. Enerdes has developed various air handling units for many different greenhouses. Read more


Air Distribution Hoses

For an optimal homogenous climate in your greenhouse, good air distribution hoses are a must. Our double air distribution hose brings the air distribution performance to perfection. Together with our customer we will produce a custom hole pattern for any application. Read more


Greenhouse EC/AC Fans

Greenhouse require fans in order to ensure constant and reliable harvesting. High quality crops require fresh air and air circulation. Greenhouse EC/AC fans generate ventilation and circulation. Our Enerdes engineers can help you determine the ideal set-up of your greenhouse fans, from modelling to installation. Read more


Convection Tubes

Enerdes has innovative techniques available for the best ventilation using forced ventilation, air distribution hoses and overpressure. Depending on your climate and ventilation wishes, our engineers will guide you through the process and help you find the best option for your needs. Read more

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    Our references

    Greenhouse Air Systems from Enerdes®

    A perfect air distribution in the greenhouse is essential for your crop. It creates optimal growing conditions near the plant and fewer diseases. It can provide ventilation and cooling during hot periods, preventing excessive heat buildup. Similarly, during colder seasons, they can be used to provide heating and insulation, protecting plants from frost damage.


    Houweling’s Greenhouse

    Houweling’s is a world-renowned family business that focuses on the sustainable cultivation of tomatoes. The company continually innovates to be as environmentally conscious as possible.

    Read more

    Other greenhouse solutions

    greenhouse cooling
    Air Systems

    Greenhouse Cooling

    Enhance your greenhouse productivity with Enerdes’ cutting-edge cooling systems. Designed for maximum efficiency and flexibility.

    • All-in-one cooling solution
    • Customized to fit your needs
    • Track record of efficiency
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    Greenhouse heating solutions
    Air Systems

    Greenhouse Heating

    Experience reliable climate control with Enerdes’ advanced heating systems. Tailored for commercial and industrial greenhouses, our solutions focus on efficiency, yield, and operational savings.

    • Optimized crop conditions
    • Energy efficient and cost-effective
    • Comprehensive climat control
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    Air Systems
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    Greenhouse Dehumidification

    Achieve precise moisture management with Enerdes’ state-of-the-art dehumidification systems. Designed specifically for commercial and industrial greenhouses.

    • Balanced humidity levels
    • Energy-efficient moisture control
    • Comprehensive climate stabilization
    Read more
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