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Sound Isolation Systems

The noise pollution in industrial environments is still increasing and legal standards are often exceeded. The result: permanent hearing loss, decreasing motivation and increasing absence due to illness. This can all be prevented with the right sound isolation booths.

Reinders is an expert in this field and has been designing and producing custom-made sound cabins, sound-insulating panels and enclosures for decades.

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Customized sound isolation systems

For several decades, Reinders Extraction Systems has specialized in customized sound isolation solutions. From movable enclosures to permanent cabins, we adapt every aspect to suit your unique needs.

Our approach starts with a thorough investigation of your acoustic landscape, factoring in variables like sound source, type of noise, legal requirements, and budget. We employ sound-absorbing materials to ensure effective sound attenuation, tailored to your installation’s specific needs. Our systems offer the flexibility of both stationary and movable constructions, adaptable for any changes in your operational setup.

Tailor-made Sounds Isolation Systems from Reinders Extraction Systems®


Sound Isolation Booths

Designed for the demanding industrial environment, our sound isolation booths offer a robust and efficient solution for noise control. Meet safety standards and improve worker focus by investing in our high-quality booths. Read more


Machine Soundproof Cabinets

Keep industrial noise in check with our robust machine soundproof cabinets. Designed to enclose loud machinery, these cabinets are a must-have for manufacturing plants and workshops. Read more


Sound Isolation Walls

Specifically engineered to meet the rigorous demands of industrial environments, our sound isolation walls are an essential component for noise management in factories and manufacturing facilities. Designed for durability and high performance, these walls effectively isolate and contain machine-generated noise, thereby complying with occupational safety regulations and improving overall worker well-being. Read more

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    Reinders® Sound Isolation Systems


    Expertise in sound isolation systems

    With engineering excellence at its core, our sound isolation systems are tailored for industrial usage, effectively containing machine noise and aiding in compliance with occupational noise standards.

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    Sound Isolation Systems
    Sound Isolation Systems

    Dust Extraction Systems

    Our industrial dust extraction systems are tailored to meet the rigorous demands of various manufacturing processes. With decades of expertise, we ensure your air quality adheres to safety standards, offering both high efficiency and low operational costs.

    • Custom-engineered to fit your industry’s unique demands, ensuring optimal airflow and filtration.
    • Compliance with ATEX guidelines, mitigating risks associated with fire and explosion hazards.
    • One-stop solution providing both the extraction system and the necessary ducting and piping, simplifying your logistics and procurement process.
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    Sound Isolation Systems
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    Welding Fume Extraction Systems

    Engineered for industrial applications, our welding fume extraction systems guarantee a safer and cleaner work environment. They efficiently capture welding fumes at the source, making them indispensable for facilities focused on employee well-being and regulatory compliance.

    • High capture efficiency that minimizes the release of harmful fumes, ensuring a healthier workspace.
    • Built to adhere to stringent industry regulations, eliminating compliance worries.
    • Energy-efficient designs that don’t compromise on performance, reducing your operating costs.
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