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Greenhouse CO2 Systems

Enerdes’ expertise goes beyond providing traditional greenhouse equipment; we specialize in optimizing your plants’ growing environment with precise CO2 management. Designed for peak performance and efficiency, our CO2 systems meet the unique requirements of each greenhouse.

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Ensuring the most stable climate in your greenhouse

Enerdes provides a comprehensive selection of CO2 systems specifically designed for greenhouses, encompassing CO2 enrichment technologies, precision distribution methods, and control systems to manage CO2 levels effectively.

Our CO2 Systems


Flue Gas Ducts and Flue Gas Condensers

Surplus heat and CO2 can be transferred via a flue gas duct, promoting energy conservation and environmental benefits. By employing a flue gas condenser, these gases are cooled to below their dew point. This process captures the latent heat from the water vapor, which can then be effectively used in systems like CO2 distribution, thereby boosting the efficiency of the entire heating system. Read more


CO2 Enrichment

Injecting CO2 into greenhouses can be done directly as a liquid. Yet, integrating it with your greenhouse’s heating to utilize exhaust gases offers a smarter approach. These gases, once cooled and filtered, supply your plants with CO2-rich air, fostering enhanced growth. Enerdes is expert at engineering these systems, optimizing them for your specific requirements to boost efficiency and crop yield. Read more

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    Greenhouse CO2 Systems from Enerdes®


    Houweling’s Greenhouse

    Houweling’s is a world-renowned family business that focuses on the sustainable cultivation of tomatoes. The company continually innovates to be as environmentally conscious as possible.

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    Other greenhouse solutions

    CO2 Systems
    CO2 Systems

    Greenhouse Air

    Optimize your greenhouse environment with Enerdes’ advanced air systems. Engineered for efficiency and adaptability.

    • One-stop climate solution
    • Tailored for your needs
    • Proven efficiency
    Read more


    greenhouse cooling
    CO2 Systems

    Greenhouse Cooling

    Enhance your greenhouse productivity with Enerdes’ cutting-edge cooling systems. Designed for maximum efficiency and flexibility.

    • All-in-one cooling solution
    • Customized to fit your needs
    • Track record of efficiency
    Read more
    CO2 Systems
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    Greenhouse Dehumidification

    Achieve precise moisture management with Enerdes’ state-of-the-art dehumidification systems. Designed specifically for commercial and industrial greenhouses.

    • Balanced humidity levels
    • Energy-efficient moisture control
    • Comprehensive climate stabilization
    Read more
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