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Ventilation Dryer

Ventilation is the oldest and most proven system of drying. Ventilation dryers circulate warm air through the product causing the water residues to evaporate. Ventilation dryers require an outlet to the outside to remove the moist air.

How does a ventilation dryer work?

A ventilation dryer dries using heated air. Products release moisture as air suitable for drying. Because a ventilation dryer heats the air before blowing it over the product, more moisture can be absorbed from the product.

The benefits of a ventilation dryer

A ventilation dryer is well suited for drying air with a high temperature and relatively low humidity. This is because outside air is usually used for ventilation. In the past, ventilation dryers were not energy efficient, but today a ventilation dryer is an excellent and energy efficient drying system. This is because today’s ventilation dryers recover energy from the exhausted air with a (condensing) water pump.

Ventilation dryers from Reinders Industrial

Ventilation dryers from Reinders Industrial are designed in-house according to your specific situation. We have the knowledge to examine your drying process or production process on efficiency, process parameters, energy consumption, product quality and yield. Because we continually invest in research and development, we are able to realize the most energy-efficient system possible with lower consumption costs and faster payback times compared to conventional techniques. One of our spearheads is the realization of ‘turn-key’ projects. We can take care of the complete project planning for you: from research and design to installation and maintenance.

Ventilation Dryer
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