Extraction Systems for the Recycling Industry

Reinders Extraction Systems is the leading expert for extraction systems in the recycling industry. Our installations remove dust and waste particles in a reliable, effective and safe way. 

At Reinders we are experts in ATEX and ensure all our installations are fire and explosion safe. We can custom build any type of installation due to our flexible and modular construction system.

Extraction and Filtration in the Recycling Industry

Reinders Extraction Systems designs, builds and maintains industrial extraction systems for a wide range of applications. The recycling industry has been one of them for decades. We can supply complete custom-built installations. Where possible we use standard components, where necessary we use tailor-made solutions.

With a Reinders installation, you will have maximum performance at minimum cost. We ensure that both the initial investment and the operational costs in the long-run stay low.

All our installations are:

  • Custom-built
  • High quality
  • Flexible and modular
  • Fire safe
  • Easy to install
  • Energy efficient
  • Environmentally friendly

Many of our extraction and filtration systems for the recycling industry are custom-built. They are characterized by a flexible modular construction. Because they are easy to connect, the installation can easily be adapted to any development.

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