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Machine Soundproof Cabinets

Reinders Extraction Systems provides machine soundproof cabinets that reduce machine noise without compromising efficiency. These cabinets are customizable with options like doors and windows, and are made from sound-absorbing materials. Designed to fit your budget and space, they also meet legal noise control requirements.

Machine Soundproof Cabinets
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Advantages of Reinders Extraction Systems® Machine Soundproof Cabinets

Reinders provides machine soundproof cabinets designed to limit noise while maintaining operational efficiency. Read more about the benefits below:

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Material versatility

We offer a selection of soundproofing materials to suit various industrial needs. This allows you to find a balance between performance and budget constraints.

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Optional add-ons

Features like additional doors, windows, and acoustic dampers can be integrated into the design. This makes the cabinets versatile enough to accommodate different operational requirements.

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Operational efficiency

Unlike basic enclosures, our cabinets are engineered to contain noise without negatively impacting machine performance or requiring significant changes to existing workflows.

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Budget and space conscious

We tailor the cabinet dimensions and features to fit available space, ensuring efficient use of floor area. Customization also extends to budget considerations, offering solutions that are cost-effective.

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Compliance ready

Each cabinet is designed to meet legal requirements for noise levels, helping you avoid any potential regulatory issues.

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Reinders Extraction Systems engineered a specialized sound isolation booth tailored for a leading high-volume manufacturing plant. This advanced booth ensures that critical assembly and machining operations are carried out in a noise-controlled setting, free from disruptive auditory interference. This level of sound isolation is crucial for maintaining both worker focus and the meticulous precision demanded by a frontrunner in the industry.

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Reinders Extraction Systems provides machine soundproof cabinets, meticulously engineered to mitigate machine-generated noise without affecting operational efficiency. Made from a variety of sound-absorbing materials, these cabinets offer additional custom features like doors and windows. As always, our focus on meeting customer needs ensures consideration of budget, available space, and compliance with legal noise control standards. Achieve noise reduction without compromising on performance or safety.

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