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Sound Isolation Walls

Reinders offers sound isolation walls suitable for various industrial settings. These custom-built walls can either be fixed or movable and are designed based on sound measurements and customer requirements. They are engineered to comply with legal noise control standards, and on-site evaluations are available for further customization.

Sound Isolation Wall
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Advantages of Reinders Extraction Systems® Sound Isolation Walls

Reinders offers sound isolation walls that can be fixed or movable. These walls are based on sound measurements and are customizable based on client needs. Read more about the benefits below:

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Flexible construction

Our walls can be installed as permanent fixtures or as movable partitions. This allows you to reconfigure your workspace as needed, providing a level of adaptability in noise control.

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Multiple applications

Beyond merely dividing workspaces, these walls can encase noisy machinery or improve room acoustics, making them versatile solutions for various noise control issues.

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Measured approach

The design process begins with detailed sound measurements to determine the most effective noise reduction strategy. This data-driven method ensures that the walls fulfill their intended purpose.

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Legal compliance

All sound isolation walls are built to meet or exceed industrial noise control standards. This ensures that you not only get effective noise control but also protection against legal repercussions.

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User-centric design

The walls are designed with the end-user in mind, taking into account specific challenges and requirements in your operational setting to offer a truly customized solution.

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Sound isolation booth for high-volume manufacturing plant

Reinders Extraction Systems engineered a specialized sound isolation booth tailored for a leading high-volume manufacturing plant. This advanced booth ensures that critical assembly and machining operations are carried out in a noise-controlled setting, free from disruptive auditory interference. This level of sound isolation is crucial for maintaining both worker focus and the meticulous precision demanded by a frontrunner in the industry.

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Reinders Extraction Systems extends its offerings with sound isolation walls, designed to act as noise barriers in various industrial settings. Whether you prefer a permanent installation or a movable wall, these custom-built partitions are based on precise sound measurements and customer requirements. These walls are designed to be compliant with legal noise control standards, safeguarding your operation from any legal complications while enhancing the work environment.

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