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Reinders is a leading provider offering a variety of filter material solutions. Our dust extraction technology focuses on sustainable and energy efficient solutions. Our filter materials are used in industries and sectors such as woodworking, metal machining, general manufacturing, recycling, automotive and engineering.

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Different filter materials

Different applications require different filter materials. Not only are there various filter types, for example filter bags, filter cartridges or envelope filters, but also the filter materials differ. The cloth from which filters are made is available in many variations. For example, materials such as polyester, polypropylene, polyamide or aramid. But also various finishing options including antistatic, roughened, extra smooth or PTFE coated.

Reinders Luchttechniek has the knowledge to give you the best advice. This may be exactly the same material as is already in use. But sometimes new insights and technical possibilities provide smarter solutions with better filtration, a longer life and/or financial savings. With ultimately the best performance at the lowest possible cost.

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