Greenhouse CO2 enrichment by Enerdes

CO2 can be introduced in your greenhouse in the form of pure liquid. However, it is more common to combine CO2 enrichment with the heating system of your greenhouse. The exhaust gasses from your heating installation contain an increased CO2 concentration. Once cooled down, these flue gasses can be filtered and distributed over your greenhouse. This way, clean air with a high CO2 level is introduced near your plants. Enerdes can develop the most optimal CO2 enrichment system for your company.

Greenhouse CO2 enrichment Enerdes

Enerdes Greenhouse CO2 system

Enerdes has done many projects that include carbon dioxide enrichment in a greenhouse, aslo called a CO2 dosing system. We can provide you with a fully functioning greenhouse CO2 system.

  • Computation of the amount of flue gasses based on the CO2 concentration desired.
  • Development of an optimal CO2 system infrastructure in the boiler room or COGEN and throughout your entire greenhouse
  • Manufacturing and Installation of the Enerdes greenhouse CO2 system
  • Testing of the carbon dioxide enrichment.
  • Maintenance of the CO2 enrichment system and the infrastructure
  • Regular replacement of CO2 tubes, also called CO2 darm. These are plastic tubes with perforations.

Greenhouse CO2 Enrichment by Enerdes

For some greenhouses, an even distribution of introduced CO2 gasses is very important as well. Instead of opening valves that blow CO2 rich gasses into the greenhouses.

CO2 tubes can be connected to the valves. These smaller poly ducts with a diameter of most commonly ø50 mm, are usually about 50 m long and have small puncture holes over the tube, similar to air distribution hoses.

The pressure distribution along CO2 tubes is critical for the CO2 introduction around your plants. We manufacture these CO2 tubes as well and we can advise you what the best length, diameter and hole pattern is for your crop.

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