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Air Velocity Measurements

Controlled air flow is vital for a cleanroom to function optimally. Air velocity measurements provide the insights needed to regulate and maintain a constant air stream. We employ precise instruments and expert methodology to determine whether your air systems are up to the mark. From here, you can adjust airflow to meet specified criteria, ensuring both safety and efficiency in your operations.

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Air Velocity Measurements
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Advantages of AMIT® Air Velocity Measurements

Air velocity is a crucial element for maintaining the cleanliness and effectiveness of your cleanroom. Improper airflow could compromise the environment and, by extension, the work being done. Read more about the benefits below:

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Precision analysis

Using state-of-the-art technology, we provide highly accurate measurements of air velocity in your cleanroom, ensuring it’s neither too fast nor too slow, but just right.

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Safety first

Incorrect air velocity can compromise the sterile environment of a cleanroom. Our measurements ensure your ventilation system is up to industry safety standards.

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Performance tuning

Based on the data gathered, we can offer recommendations for tuning your ventilation to achieve optimal airflow, balancing both safety and efficiency.


Hogeschool Utrecht

AMIT just wrapped up a project at Hogeschool Utrecht to make the heating and cooling work better. The air in the classrooms and offices is now flowing right, keeping everyone comfy and focused.

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Achieve precise control over your air systems with AMITs air velocity measurement solutions. Crafted for accuracy, our instruments provide real-time data, enabling you to fine-tune airflow and optimize efficiency.

Configure your air velocity measurements according to your specific industrial needs. Not only do you get precise readings, but our systems also help in conserving energy, optimizing your overall operational costs.

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