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Leakproof Testing

Leaks are the silent saboteurs in any cleanroom, undermining control and contaminating environments. Leakproof testing is your first line of defense against such risks. Using cutting-edge equipment, we identify and assess leaks to ensure the integrity of your controlled space. With our assistance, you can take preemptive measures, secure in the knowledge that your cleanroom meets industry standards for leakproofness.

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Leakproof Testing
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Advantages of AMIT® Leakproof Testing

Stringent controls are required to maintain a contamination-free environment in cleanrooms. One unnoticed leak could jeopardize your entire operation. Read more about the benefits below:

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Thorough scans

We use advanced technology to scan every inch of your cleanroom, identifying leaks that could compromise its integrity. This level of thoroughness ensures nothing is missed.

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Compliance assured

A leak-free cleanroom is not just an operational necessity but also a regulatory requirement. Our service ensures that your facility is up to code, giving you peace of mind.

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Preventive care

Identifying and fixing leaks before they cause significant issues is crucial. Our service is a form of preventive maintenance that can save you from costly problems down the road.


Hogeschool Utrecht

AMIT just wrapped up a project at Hogeschool Utrecht to make the heating and cooling work better. The air in the classrooms and offices is now flowing right, keeping everyone comfy and focused.

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AMIT offers robust leakproof testing solutions that guarantee the integrity of your pipes and vessels. Using advanced technology, our systems rigorously test your infrastructure, ensuring it’s leak-free and up to industry standards.

Tailor your leakproof testing by selecting the appropriate testing methods and sensitivity levels. You can trust our solutions to provide a comprehensive safety net, minimizing the risk of costly leaks and operational downtime.

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