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Pressure Hierarchy

In a cleanroom, pressure isn’t just pressure; it’s a tool for containment and control. Understanding the pressure hierarchy is pivotal for ensuring that controlled areas are adequately isolated. At AMIT Meet- en Inregeltechniek, we specialize in measuring and establishing the right pressure conditions to prevent cross-contamination and safeguard your cleanroom’s environment.

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Pressure Hierarchy
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Advantages of AMIT® Pressure Hierarchy

Managing pressure zones to prevent cross-contamination is about more than just clean air; it’s an indispensable aspect of a functional cleanroom. Read more about the benefits below:

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Cross-contamination shield

Properly controlled pressure zones act as barriers against cross-contamination. Our service ensures these zones are effectively maintained, protecting your cleanroom’s integrity.

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Scientific approach

We use precision instruments to measure pressure differentials, ensuring that each zone is correctly set up and maintained.

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Zone mastery

Our comprehensive service assists you in both establishing and maintaining controlled pressure zones, providing a complete solution for your cleanroom needs.


Hogeschool Utrecht

AMIT just wrapped up a project at Hogeschool Utrecht to make the heating and cooling work better. The air in the classrooms and offices is now flowing right, keeping everyone comfy and focused.

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AMIT offers specialized solutions for maintaining a stable pressure hierarchy in controlled environments. Our systems ensure that pressure differentials are kept within desired ranges, essential for safety and efficiency.

Customize your pressure hierarchy system by choosing from a variety of sensors and control units. Enjoy peace of mind with our high-efficiency ratings, as you optimize your environment for both safety and performance.

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