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CO and CO2 Measurement

Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide levels are more than just numbers; they are indicators of air quality and safety. Our CO and CO2 measurement services offer real-time analysis of these gases in your environment. By maintaining proper levels, you’re not only complying with regulations but also ensuring the well-being of your staff and the efficiency of your systems.

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CO and CO2 Measurement
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Advantages of AMIT® CO and CO2 Measurement Systems

Health and safety extend beyond merely meeting guidelines. Monitoring levels of critical gases like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide is essential. Here are the unique advantages of our CO and CO2 measurement services:

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Real-time data

We provide immediate, real-time data on CO and CO2 levels in your environment. This enables you to take quick corrective actions if levels exceed safe limits, safeguarding the health of everyone on site.

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Healthy environments

By monitoring these critical gases, our service helps you maintain a healthy indoor environment, going beyond merely meeting regulatory requirements.

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Beyond compliance

While meeting regulations is essential, our goal is to provide a comprehensive service that prioritizes the well-being of the people using the space, not just ticking off regulatory boxes.


Hogeschool Utrecht

AMIT just wrapped up a project at Hogeschool Utrecht to make the heating and cooling work better. The air in the classrooms and offices is now flowing right, keeping everyone comfy and focused.

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Ensure a safe and efficient environment with AMITs CO and CO2 measurement solutions. Engineered for precision, our sensors continuously monitor carbon monoxide and dioxide levels, alerting you to any hazardous changes.

Tailor your CO and CO2 measurement systems by choosing from a range of sensor types and configurations. Enjoy the dual benefit of safety and energy efficiency, optimizing your operations in a cost-effective manner.

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