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Fume Hood Measurement

Safety is a non-negotiable in any setting involving chemicals or hazardous materials. Fume hood measurements are a cornerstone of lab safety, ensuring that harmful fumes are effectively captured and vented. We employ calibrated instruments to measure the performance of your fume hoods, providing actionable insights to maintain a safe and compliant environment.

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Fume Hood Measurement
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Advantages of AMIT® Fume Hood Measurement

Safety is not just a priority but a necessity in any setting that involves volatile or harmful substances. Read more about the advantages below:

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Certified safety

We employ calibrated tools to measure the effectiveness of your fume hoods in containing and venting harmful gases. This assures you that your system is compliant with safety regulations.

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Risk mitigation

Our measurements are more than just numbers; they offer actionable recommendations. These insights will help you make any necessary adjustments to enhance your workspace’s safety.

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Specialized assessment

Our service is focused solely on evaluating the containment and venting capabilities of your fume hoods. This specialized assessment ensures that no aspect is overlooked.


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AMIT offers fume hood measurement solutions designed for safety and efficiency. Our systems provide accurate data on airflow and containment, ensuring that your fume hoods meet regulatory standards.

Customize your fume hood measurement setup by selecting from various sensors and monitoring options. With our high-efficiency systems, keep your environment safe while minimizing operational costs.

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