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Bacteria and Fungi

Bacteria and fungi are barely visible, yet there are many species and they are everywhere: on your hands, on your food, on the table and between your teeth. Bacteria are organisms and consist of only one cell. They are so small that you cannot see them.

Fungi consist of thin, pale threads. You cannot see them with the naked eye either.

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How does bacterial growth and mold formation occur?

Bacterial growth and mold formation are caused by excessively humid ambient air and little ventilation. Bacterial growth and mold formation cause health problems such as allergic reactions and they worsen the symptoms of rheumatism and eczema. It is therefore important to prevent bacterial growth and mold formation.

How can bacterial growth and mold be prevented?

Bacteria and fungi need moisture to survive and multiply. If the relative humidity is lowered to around 50%, bacteria and fungi have a less suitable environment to multiply. The quality of your products and the working conditions for your personnel are secured by dehumidification.

Reinders Industrial solves your bacteria growth and mold problems

Reinders Industrial can solve your bacteria growth and mold problems by lowering the humidity level. All of our drying systems are designed in-house based on your specific situation. We have the knowledge to investigate and efficiently tackle your moisture problems. One of our spearheads is the realization of “turn-key” projects. We can take care of the complete project planning for you: from research and design to installation and maintenance.

Bacteria and Fungi
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