Perforated LDPE Bags

A perforated LDPE bag is a bag made of Polyethylene that has holes in it. These bags are usually used for storing, handling and shipping goods such as food or chemicals. They may also be used to package things such as diapers and other hygienic products.

The property of the LDPE bags that make them worth using is their ability to resist cold temperatures and not tear easily.

We are a leading supplier in perforated LDPE bags, we can produce customer specific in any shape size and hole perforation.

Perforated LDPE Bags

Why perforated LDPE bags?

LDPE bags or perforated LDPE bags are a popular and inexpensive way of packaging many products. This is a great option for packaging since it is environmentally friendly, but also much less expensive.

The main purpose of these perforations is to allow air to flow through the bag so that pressure does not build up in these areas and cause tearing or holes. Perforated LDPE bags are essentially the same as standard LDPE bags however they have small slits in them which allow air to flow more easily through the bag. This helps eliminate tension that is often built up in the bag during transit and storage, which can lead to tears and holes in the bag.

Different purposes for perforated LDPE bags

Perforated LDPE bags serve a variety of purposes in the food industry. They’re often used to package everything from meats to frozen vegetables, and are a very popular option for many of today’s brands.

Some of the most popular uses for these bags?

  • As a stand-alone packaging (used to hold one type of food)
  • As an overwrap (used on top of other packaging like EPS or foam trays)
  • As part of a tray pack (often used under a typical tray pack and overlaps with it)

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