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Perforated LDPE Bags

A perforated LDPE bag is a bag made of Polyethylene that has holes in it. These bags are usually used for storing, handling and shipping goods such as food or chemicals. They may also be used to package things such as diapers and other hygienic products.

The property of the LDPE bags that make them worth using is their ability to resist cold temperatures and not tear easily.

We are a leading supplier in perforated LDPE bags, we can produce customer specific in any shape size and hole perforation.

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Advantages of Perforated LDPE Bags

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Durability in Cold Conditions

These bags are crafted from LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene), a material renowned for its resistance to cold temperatures. This makes them ideal for storing and transporting temperature-sensitive products, particularly in the food and chemical industries.

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Customization for Specific Needs

We offer the unique ability to produce perforated LDPE bags tailored to customer specifications, including varying shapes, sizes, and perforation patterns. This customization ensures that each client receives a product that perfectly fits their specific requirements.

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Enhanced Air Flow and Pressure Balance

The perforations in these bags are strategically designed to allow air circulation, preventing pressure buildup inside the bag. This feature is crucial in reducing the risk of tearing and hole formation, ensuring the integrity of the bag and its contents during storage and transit.

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Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly Packaging Option

LDPE bags are an economical choice for packaging, offering a lower cost compared to other materials. Additionally, their environmental friendliness adds to their appeal in an increasingly eco-conscious market.

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Versatile Usage in the Food Industry

These bags are widely used for various food packaging applications, such as standalone packaging for single food types, overwrap for additional protection over other packaging materials, and as part of a tray pack system. Their versatility makes them a popular choice for brands in the food sector, catering to a range of packaging needs.

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Prevention of Tension and Damage

The perforations in LDPE bags effectively alleviate tension that often builds up during storage and transit. This feature is vital for maintaining the bag’s structural integrity, ensuring that products reach their destination in pristine condition.

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