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Adsorption Dehumidifier

Adsorption Dehumidifier 500

As standard, this air dryer is equipped with a robust stainless steel housing suitable for indoor installation, optionally equipped with energy-efficient EC fans of high quality and low energy consumption.

The air dryer requires very little service, nevertheless, the air dryer is designed to be easily accessible so that the various components can be adequately checked and, if necessary, replaced quickly. Due to its modular construction, the air dryer can be suitably expanded with heat recovery on the regeneration side or with air cooling, without refrigerant and F gases, so that no regeneration air duct is needed at all. Ideal if there is no possibility for regeneration.

There are also options to expand with cooling and hot water blocks for optimum temperature control of process air. The adsorption air dryer is a complete unit that includes a rotor, a transmission motor, fans, a heater, air filters and an integrated electrical system with all components necessary for safe operation. The autonomous control automatically adjusts the power to the requirement.

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  • Reliable operation
    Quality units developed by the world’s leading experts in the field.
  • Robust & resilient
    Designed to withstand constant use. Standard stainless steel housing ensures robust and hygienic performance.
  • Full control
    Wide range of controllers and sensors to control both humidity and dew point. The dehumidifier can be connected to all external controller types.
  • Easy to maintain
    Designed for easy access, therefore simple and inexpensive to maintain.
  • Easy to operate
    Through microprocessor-based control units and advanced sensors, with the right degree of automation you need.
  • Energy-efficient
    Designed to consume as little energy as possible while at the same time achieving a maximum effect.
  • Low operational costs
    Long service life and remarkably inexpensive to operate.
  • Very easy installation
    Place it, connect it and plug it in.


Process air 150 – 500 m³ / h
Dehumidification capacity up to 2 kg / h
Electrical connection power 1,4 – 2,9 kW
Connection voltage 230 / 1 – 400 / 3 V / Ph+N+PE
Dimension D x W x H 398 x 554 x 771
Weight 52 – 53 kg


  • Heat recovery module
    The dehumidifier can be equipped with a highly efficient aluminium cross-flow air heat exchanger. This allows you to recover heat from the regeneration air leaving the dehumidifier. This thermal energy can then be reused to preheat the incoming regeneration air. This provides immediate savings in dryer energy consumption, resulting in a short payback period.
  • Hygrostat
    The hygrostat switches the dehumidifier to the desired relative humidity [%RV] in the air.
  • Air cooling
    The dehumidifier can be equipped with an air-cooled regeneration module, to condense the water from the regeneration air. An ideal solution when a regeneration air duct is not a good idea or cannot be mounted. Including cable for connection to the dehumidifier.
  • Dew point controller
    The dew point controller is equipped with a capacitive humidity sensor and digital readout. The combination of relative humidity [%RV] and dew point temperature [°Cdp], with the possibility of setting e.g. both a set point of 60%RV and a dew point of 10°C, makes the controller suitable for many process applications.
  • Monitoring and execution control
    The adsorption dehumidifier is available in three versions to determine the optimal monitoring and control requirements. The plus configuration features customized, efficient, and adjustable EC-fans for the process and regeneration airflows. It contains a sensor for the regeneration filter, the fan, and the heating element. The plus configuration also has rotor and process filter monitoring and external error and operation reporting.
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