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Adsorption Dehumidifier

Adsorption Dehumidifier Bulk Solids

As standard this air dryer is equipped with a robust stainless steel housing suitable for indoor installation, optionally equipped with energy-efficient EC fans of high quality and low energy consumption.

Designed to be rugged and withstand the bumping and rough handling often associated with lifting, moving and stacking portable dehumidifiers. Very useful for small-scale moisture management problems for stationary and permanent installations requiring dried air.

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  • Reliable operation
    Quality units developed by the world’s leading experts in the field.
  • Robust & resilient
    Designed to withstand constant use. Standard stainless steel housing ensures robust and hygienic performance.
  • Full control
    Wide range of controllers and sensors to control both humidity and dew point. The dehumidifier can be connected to all external controller types.
  • Easy to maintain
    Designed for easy access, therefore simple and inexpensive to maintain.
  • Easy to operate
    Through microprocessor-based control units and advanced sensors, with the right degree of automation you need.
  • Energy-efficient
    Designed to consume as little energy as possible while at the same time achieving a maximum effect.
  • Low operational costs
    Long service life and remarkably inexpensive to operate.
  • Very easy installation
    Place it, connect it and plug it in.


Process air 240 – 400 m³ / h
Dehumidification capacity up to 1,5 kg / h
Electrical connection power 0,78 – 1,97 kW
Connection voltage 230 / 1 V / Ph+N+PE
Dimension D x W x H 407 x 544 x 430
Weight 28 kg


  • Hygrostat
    The hygrostat switches the dehumidifier to the desired relative humidity [%RV] in the air.
  • Dew point controller
    The dew point controller is equipped with a capacitive humidity sensor and digital readout. The combination of relative humidity [%RV] and dew point temperature [°Cdp], with the possibility of setting e.g. both a set point of 60%RV and a dew point of 10°C, makes the controller suitable for many process applications.
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    Mollier diagram

    The Mollier diagram, also known as the h-x diagram, is a visual tool used to represent the thermodynamic properties of moist air. The diagram was developed by Richard Mollier in 1923 and is often used in industry for applications such as air handling, refrigeration and heating systems. Our experts at Reinders Industrial can help advise you on the Mollier Diagram.

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