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Convection Tubes (⌀ 470 mm till 940 mm)

Enerdes is part of the Reinders Corporation and has been developing and producing convection tubes for decades. We are the largest producer of air distribution systems worldwide. Enerdes convection tubes will ensure an even temperature and humidity distribution all throughout the greenhouse as well as air movement around the plants.

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  • Patented Double Air Distribution Hose design:
    This design is intended to provide superior air pressure and air velocity compared to conventional convection tubes.
  • Optimized hole patterns:
    Customizable hole patterns on the air hoses can be tailored for optimal airflow specific to the greenhouse system, which can improve product quality and crop yield.
  • Custom tube hangers:
    Specially designed tube hangers by Enerdes that are durable, lightweight, UV-stabilized, and minimally invasive to the air hose foil.
  • Tailor-made solutions:
    Enerdes provides custom sizes and hole patterns to meet specific greenhouse and crop requirements.
  • Extensive experience:
    With experience dating back to 1910, Enerdes offers expertise in various greenhouse climate control systems.
  • Comprehensive solutions:
    In addition to convection tubes, Enerdes supplies leading greenhouse fans for complete climate system solutions


  • Material:
    The tubes are made of robust plastic with good tear resistance, lightweight properties, and UV stabilization.
  • Types of air hose foil:
    Available in transparent and white, with variable material thicknesses.
  • Perforation pattern:
    The puncture hole pattern is adjustable upon request or can be optimized for specific applications.
  • Fire resistance:
    The tubes comply with multiple fire safety standards, including NFPA 90A, UL 2518, UL-C, BS 5867 Part 2, 1980, GB8624-2006, and DIN 4102-1.
  • Air hose types:
    Transparent (allows 58% sunlight penetration) and white (reflects sunlight).
  • Greenhouse location compatibility:
    Suitable for placement at the top or bottom of the greenhouse.
  • Maintenance:
    Transparency aids in determining when replacements are needed.
  • Heat capacity:
    The transparent hose has a higher heat capacity compared to the white hose.
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    How do Convection Tubes Work?

    1. A fan blows air into the air hose. This air can come either from outside or inside the greenhouse:
      1. Internal air. Circulating greenhouse air under the crop gutters prevents stagnant air near the plants. This provides an optimal moisture balance in the greenhouse and reduces diseases such as botrytis for the plants.
      2. External air. Circulating fresh air with the air hoses additionally allows for better CO2 balances in the greenhouse and an inexpensive but efficient way of heating or cooling the greenhouse.
    2. The Double Air Distribution Hose has a hole pattern that provides optimal pressure and air velocity. It has been engineered such that the air velocity and thus the air circulation will be equal over the whole length of the convection tube.
    3. Tube hangers allow the convection tube to be positioned in an ideal location in the greenhouse and will make sure the tube is not damaged. Enerdes has designed its own perfect tube hangers that are durable, lightweight, UV -stabilised and minimally invasive to the air hose foil.
    4. End caps are placed at the end of the air hose. This way the pressure distribution in the hose can be controlled as well as the air velocity at the end of the air hose. This can for example help with convection tube cooling in the greenhouse corridors.
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