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EC Fans (Axial Flow)

EC Axial flow fans are a specific type of fan that moves air along the axis of the fan’s rotating shaft. They are commonly used in applications where large volumes of air need to be moved with relatively low pressure requirements.

Axial fans are well-suited for ventilation, cooling, and air circulation in Greenhouses. Our highly skilled engineers can develop a customized selection for your individual project.

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  • 99% energy efficiency which is more environmentally friendly and will save you a serious amount of money. AC fans have an efficiency of only 20 to 70 %
  • Less heat produced by fan motor
  • Less noise
  • Longer lifespan
  • 2 times more air flow, thus 2x more air volume is moved per hour
  • High air flow to fan size ratio. Which means a much smaller fan can be used to move the same amount of air, or much more air can be moved by the same size fan compared to AC fans.
  • Available in both axial and radial types.
  • Wireless controllable option, wired 0-10V or PWM control also available.


Type EC
Impeller Ø Ø400 till Ø910
VAC 3~ 380-480
Hz 50/60
Volume free blowing [m3/h] 5,350 till 36,700
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    Enerdes Greenhouse Fans – in 4 steps to ideal air circulation

    Greenhouse require fans in order to ensure constant and reliable harvesting. High quality crops require fresh air and air circulation. Greenhouse fans generate ventilation and circulation.

    Enerdes will guide you to ideal air circulation in 4 steps:

    1. Modelling: Designing your greenhouse to accurately model air flows and water
    2. Type: Choosing the right type of fan
    3. Amount: Determining the ideal amount of fans
    4. Placement: Selecting the optimal location and orientation of the fans
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