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EC fans (Radial Flow)

Radial EC fans are well-suited for greenhouse applications as they offer several benefits specific to greenhouse environments. Radial EC fans can efficiently distribute air in a radial pattern, ensuring uniform airflow across the greenhouse.

Radial EC fans with their energy-efficient motor technology help reduce electricity consumption compared to traditional fans.

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  • All-in-one solution
    We take care of it for you, from design to installation.
  • Tailor-made system
    We can cater to all your specific needs.
  • 70+ years of experience
    Enerdes is experienced with all sorts of greenhouses and climate systems.
  • Technical know-how
    Our team of experts is highly educated. We use CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) modelling, in-house developed thermodynamic models and proprietary climate study software to accurately design your greenhouse.
  • Efficiency
    Our products require very low power consumption and achieve the highest ratings for efficiency.
  • Precision
    Precise climate control for your crop and most even air distribution in your greenhouse.
  • Patented air hose design
    Enerdes has invented the double air distribution hose with far better air pressure and air velocity conditions than conventional convection tubes.
  • Exclusive supplier of EC fans
    EC technology are ecologically and economically superior, moving up to 2 times more volume than comparable AC fans at the same power consumption at partial load.
  • Independent advice
    Enerdes is fully independent in the market and is therefore able to provide each customer with the best advice.


Type EC
Impeller Ø Ø400 till Ø630
VAC 3~ 380-480
Hz 50/60
Volume free blowing [m3/h] 600 till 20,300
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    Enerdes Greenhouse Fans – in 4 steps to ideal air circulation

    Greenhouse require fans in order to ensure constant and reliable harvesting. High quality crops require fresh air and air circulation. Greenhouse fans generate ventilation and circulation.

    Enerdes will guide you to ideal air circulation in 4 steps:

    1. Modelling: Designing your greenhouse to accurately model air flows and water
    2. Type: Choosing the right type of fan
    3. Amount: Determining the ideal amount of fans
    4. Placement: Selecting the optimal location and orientation of the fans
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