Wood Rot

Wood rot fungi are the major contributors to wood rot in the built environment. Wood rot, by the way, can also play a major role (when oxygen-poor conditions exist) in wooden foundation piles due to bacteria. 


How does wood rot occur?

Wood rot occurs when the air around the wood has a relative humidity higher than 70%. 

How can wood rot be prevented?

Wood rot and mold growth on wood can be prevented by dehumidification. 

Reinders Industrial solves your wood rot problems

Reinders Industrial can solve your wood rot problems by lowering the humidity. All of our drying systems are designed in-house based on your specific situation. We have the knowledge to investigate your moisture problems and deal with them in an efficient manner. One of our spearheads is the realization of “turn-key” projects. We can take care of the complete project planning for you: from research and design to installation and maintenance.

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