Woodworking Industry

Humidity has a great influence on wood. The quality of wood is lost as soon as the humidity is too high or too low. If the humidity is too high, the wood will expand. If the humidity is too low, the wood will shrink or crack.

Humidity and the KOMO quality mark

In the woodworking industry, a KOMO quality mark indicates that a product or service meets certain guidelines. The international quality declaration is tested by the SKH. A controlled relative humidity is one of the requirements for the KOMO quality mark.

The benefits of humidification in the woodworking industry

– Prevents wood from warping
– Prevents shrinking or cracking of wood
– Prevents wood from swelling
– Creates a healthier work environment
– Provides dust control
– Contributes to the requirements for the KOMO quality mark

High-pressure air humidification systems for the woodworking industry

Prima Air’s high-pressure systems are easy to install, low-maintenance and above all energy-efficient. The system can be easily connected to the existing water supply system. A pump unit transports the water at a pressure of 70 bar to the humidification units suspended centrally in the room, which then atomize the water and also ensure a homogenous distribution of air by means of the built-in fan. Each room can be humidified separately and controlled by means of an RH meter per room. Expansion of the system is easy and can be done at very low cost since the pump unit can be made suitable for any desired capacity.

PrimaAir high-pressure air humidification: Plug & Play

Prima Air humidification systems are very easy to install. A 230-volt electrical cable powers the pump unit, and electrical cables from the pump unit power the humidification units. The water is transported through a high-pressure water line, via the pump unit to the humidification units. Finally, an RH meter measures the relative humidity so that the pump unit is aware of the information required.

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